DHS: America Faces National Security Threat

Day 4,810, 09:52 Published in USA USA by Dominar Rygel XVI

Americans paying attention to current events know to what I am referring, but to preface this article, I will refer you all to the first part of this saga, before I give you the updated details.

I am adamantly against the use of all bots, however, since they unfortunately are a reality living among us, President Chickensguys had successfully negotiated the withdrawal of these troubling accounts from the #6 ranked party a number of weeks ago. The understanding was that G(we'll call him that), would not attempt to push this party again past a legitimate Top 5. In the past few days however, G has threatened to fracture our country in two, and is on the war path. We know his goal is to drive a party out of the Top 5 and replace it.

This wouldn't be an issue of course, if not for the fact that this is a player who has repeatedly lied to, deceived, manipulated, and distorted the facts to the American people time and time again. It is not a shift in the political winds as when AMP fell from the Top 5 permanently or something of that nature. This is a PTO threat the likes of which we have not seen in years. The threat comes from within, and is driven by the personality cult of one very troubled person. This is the last straw. I have proposed legislation to the US Congress to blacklist him, and to condemn this illegitimate party, and officially the actions that are taking place now. As to his efforts, they will fail. We will make sure of it.

First, we broke the story right here at The Rygel Report about Krapgate, and the truth behind the identity of the former disgraced bot-in-chief.

Since then, there has been a massive immigration scandal behind the closed doors of Congress in October, which came close to fracturing trust in the system with G abusing the process so egregiously.
From August through October, G shoveled his "friends" through our immigration system.

Of these 6 accounts were perma-banned :

8 of the 19 remaining accounts had joined the what was then called EZC's Apolitical Party:

A few more.
https://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/3309228(ex-WTPer, clearly not the same person anymore)

Let's be blunt here. The goal is to knock The Black Sheep out of the Top 5 and replace it with G's personal pet project. He has decided he wants this to happen, and he will try to make it happen by any means necessary. I understand everyone here likes to get free stuff, and Easy Company is one of the two most powerful MU's in our country. This is not an excuse to throw any civic decency we have in this country out the window. This is a dangerous player we are dealing with. He does not respect deals, does not take no for an answer, and will do whatever he needs to in order to achieve his goals, the rules most of us all follow be damned in his eyes.

The bill I have proposed is not partisan. It isn't meant to favor WTP or the FEDS, or SFP, or BSP, USWP or all other 6th parties. It's simply a bill that exposes a problem that all Americans need to know we now have here. Enough is enough. As far as the Department of Homeland Security is concerned, G is a threat to our national security. He is a dangerous player who is putting us on the edge of a domestic civil war, and he must be stopped. We don't all get along in this country, but never have I seen someone rise to the unprecedented levels of madness as he has. There has to be a line we won't cross as a country. I hope it has finally been drawn, and I hope we get the Congressional stamp of approval on this so we can take collective action as a nation on this very troubling matter.