[SCOLBERT] What a Time to be Alive

Day 4,809, 20:14 Published in USA USA by SColbert

Hello Nation,

This past summer was one of the most peaceful I have had in awhile. Work has been less busy since the pandemic. My personal life too slowed down as dating became more difficult, and friends were less inclined to meet up. Family didn't have the usual gatherings, and barbeques.

I spent most of my summer reading on the beach, listening to Taylor Swift's then newest album (folklore) and drinking. It was pretty ideal, and because I go to a less popular beach I pretty much had it to myself. I tried not to think too much about what led to these circumstances, because they only made me sad and anxious for the people I love who would likely die if they got sick.

Instead I watched the waves come in and out. I sipped on spiked seltzers and drank some locally brewed beer. And I finished quite a few books.

True I did make two very selfish decisions when I traveled to friends lake houses to spend some time boating, swimming, drinking, and having basic human contact. None of us got sick, but I regret this now and realize I was lucky and reckless. Although I guess most of all I was dumb.

Admitting to and realizing when one makes a mistake is important. It's a sign of maturity, and growth. None of us are ever going to be 100% right all the time, and being able to look at oneself and say what they did was dumb is probably something we've all done at one point or another.

Anyway I am glad to be back in the USWP, and dreaming of those days I spent on the beach as the cold of the winter keeps creeping up from behind.