Orders from General Gnilraps of EZC. What should QAnon do?

Day 4,808, 20:12 Published in USA USA by Citizen 9607500

I have been thinking about the orders Gnilraps, highly respected general of the Easy Company dispatched in my inbox yesterday. It has been a goal of mine to grow QAnon in to the largest, most important party in the US, but with the General calling on us for help in his newest endeavor, we at QAnon are wondering what the future of our party will be. I would appreciate anyone who has any advice on what we should do. With all due respect to the general, who is very respected in America, we are conflicted. Thank you for all who give advice.

Greetings Soldiers,


A few days ago I sent up a “flare”. Big things are coming from EZC. Today is the big reveal.

After 7 years as eUSA’s “non-political” Military Unit, Easy Company is making a shift. We want you to understand this shift, and we hope that it will be a benefit for you.

Easy Company is forming a true Political Party called The 506. In WWII, Easy Company was the 506th Division of the 101st Airborne Infantry, so we ran with it. From now on, when we say “EZC”, we are talking about the MU. When we say “506”, we are talking about the Party.

If you are a non-political member of EZC:
You should have no problem with this news. EZC will continue to moderate the shout feed to make sure politically-based shouts remain civil. You will see political shouts, but we will routinely delete them after a day (or 2 or 3) so they will not clutter the feed.

If you are EZC and a member of another Political Party:
Yes, there is a competitive nature to politics, and 506 will become competitive. However, EZC will remain open to members of all Parties, and we will remain diverse. *There will not be any political bias in EZC*. Leadership positions will remain open to members of all parties and there will be no additional benefits for EZC+506 members.

If you are EZC and want to join 506:
Welcome to the party! 506 will be a place where EZC finally has a political voice in eUSA. 506 will be a place where EZC members can become political without needing to join a current T5 party. 506 will be a success, and you will be a part of it.

Here’s our first article: erepublik.com/en/article/2729108

Why fit in when you can STAND out?
Join The 506 today!

Together, we STAND alone!
Gnilraps​ ⁣​