Freedom for Austria

Day 4,808, 13:58 Published in Austria Austria by Ignaz Vorstecher

Dear citizens of Austria!

I am new party president elect of former United Austria. My serbian brothers sent me to offer you a change. A chance to change your mind. Look at the party name and flag. Look at the colours. It represents my serbian brothers and me united in diversity. It was the idea of my boys. That's what we live for. I had long conversations with my serbian brothers. They are good boys. No need to hide anymore. We share our love with you and make Australia great again.

Doktor Nikola wants to donate all his savings. Please tell us where he should send it.
eShone has lots of food for the new young citizens. Just write him a message. He will send you food.

It will be great times - I'm sure. But let us begin with small steps.
Thank you.

President of ARP