Introducing the 506, EZC’s new Political party

Day 4,807, 08:46 Published in USA USA by Deepchill

Hello everyone,

I’m here to talk about the EZC Political Party.

But before we get into the interesting recent events leading us to this place, I would like to take you back in time for some important history

About 7 years ago, EZC was a small military unit that was part of the Feds. Upon becoming CO of that MU, I and the other officers strongly felt that the eUSA community needed a strong and independent MU, away from all political influence. We adopted a decidedly non-political identity and became what we are now, one of the best military units in the eWorld. It was the best decision at the time.

In late 2015, I also created the EZC Apolitical Party aimed at members that did not really care about politics but still needed a spot to hang out, we were more than happy to camp out of the top 5.

I left the game for almost 3 years, and since coming back around June of 2020, a lot has changed. Politics now completely dominates the social landscape of eUSA. Notwithstanding the noble efforts being made by some to breathe life into some of the less politicized aspects of our life together, all that seems to matter is political power.

Meanwhile, almost all T5 parties have their own MU. BSP has VMA-214. SFP has Bear Cavalry. WTP is mostly Space Force, and even the Feds now have the Pentagon MU that seems to be more of a baby Fed school than the military school it was supposed to be.

That left EZC and its devoted membership scattered amongst parties whose political agendas are at least partially tied to their military units. In this highly charged political environment, Easy Company soldiers have an uphill battle competing for political power.

For a while, many of our soldiers went to USWP - a party without a military unit. But its current leadership seems to have abandoned logic in a last ditched effort to hang on to what little power remains at a fading #5 spot.

A couple of months ago, we decided to rebrand EZC’s apolitical party with a more up to date and fun name: The Mandalorian Party, although I was asked many times about my intentions, I kept telling people that we had no intentions of competing for the top 5 but getting close would be fun.

We then got targeted by scared top five parties for harbouring bots. Congress passed an unenforceable law outlawing the presence of bots in political parties. Our party complied and was purged of known bots. However, even now one can find known bots in every other party ranked ahead of the Mandalorians. We are the only party to have actually responded to the law that was passed by the 5 parties who have since ignored it.

It’s time for EZC to own its destiny.

Times have changed, the game has changed and with irony, I’m also changing.

EZC leadership is evolving, and the Military Unit with them, so that we can play a more pivotal role in the continued growth and success of these eUnited States.

Therefore I am calling all EZC soldiers to join our political party!

But not the “Mandalorian Party”. That moniker has served its temporary purpose while we’ve organized ourselves for a new era.

We invite you to join eUSA’s newest Political Party, The 506.

Why “The 506”? Because the original Easy Company, circa World War II, was the 506th Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division of the United States Army. And we think it’s pretty badass to call our party “The 506”

We have defended this country as its primary military force for years. Now it’s time for us take more political responsibility for its ongoing success and future.

It’s time for EZC to make itself heard.

Together, we stand alone.