Canadian-Iranian Conflict

Day 4,804, 15:36 Published in Canada Canada by Kagoran
National Statistics

Active Citizens: 621
Region Count: 24
Gold : 6026.50
CC: 30,596,860
Energy:336, 684

Active Citizens: 230
Region Count: 7
Gold : 272.50
CC: 846,162.71
Energy: 5,694,058

Iran's hold on Saskatchewan cuts Alberta off from the rest of Canada, a victory in Saskatchewan means a reunion of two provinces. While Romania holds the Northwest Territories they are not currently aligned with Iran.

Potential allies in the current conflict involve Serbia and North Korea who are not in current conflict with our own nation or allies. North Korea is locked in a conflict with Pakistan as are our allies, aiding North Korea and Serbia is a potential avenue for more manpower to help reclaim what is rightfully ours!

Active Citizens: 2,450
Region Count: 44
Gold : 3,637.30
CC: 15,789,728.15
Energy: 661,472

North Korea
Active Citizens: 74
Region Count: 4
Gold : 2,204.60
CC: 941,148.09