[Flying Rabbits] Prepare your teeth and brush your wings!

Day 4,804, 10:57 Published in Croatia Austria by Rabbit of Caerbannog

Dear eWorld,

This article is intended for Flying Rabbits Elite MU members.
In case if you want to join us and help us with our next goal to open 2 more regiments, feel free to contact me in-game over PM or on Telegram (@Rabbit_of_Caerbannog)


Dear Rabbits,

I am writing this article for us to have all the info at the same place (as our MU wall tends to be quite active, and I wouldn't want you to miss the fun we will have 😉)

0) Article about the EAS competition: https://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-eas-elite-air-squad-s-2nd-anniversary-challenge-2729056

1) MU wall post with general info + Application for Mentorship program

2) MU wall post with more info about the contest

3) Few new avatars available to pick if you like them / Contact for our designer if you wish your own pic transferred to our coats by our graphical magician 😉

4) Comment here what you would need, and one of the Rabbits fairies will make your wishes come true 😉

5) Fresh shout - Giveaway (food) for MU members 😉

6) Some gifts in this shout, for those who will be fast enough 😉

7) Moving tickets Giveaway shout 😉

8 ) Rabbits Quiz Telegram channel link can be found in this shout 😉

The Mentorship Program (TMP)

1. Monster Grinder

The mentorship program is a way to help our members that need a push at the start 😉 This will include Flying Rabbits members that are:

1) Accs below level 201

And depending on the number of mentors that will be able to help this will be taken into consideration:

2) If Permanent Energy centers already bought (and which if yes)

3) Their current state with the Training Centres (upgraded or not), and how close to the lvl 201

So, my dear Rabbits,

Prepare your teeth and brush your wings!

is in the

P.S. Special thanks to our dear Gorki60_istra for his donation! 🤗


Yours truly,
Still fluffy and smiling 😉

Rabbit of Caerbannog