Backstreet's Back - Alright!

Day 4,798, 02:21 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Frixios of the Clyde

This may all be guff, but alas, zoom lectures make me do mad.

Having been inactive, making a half-hearted return at the start of last year, and then being supposedly banned, my mind wandered back to eRepublik, and what used to happen here. I don't know if I will stick around this time, but I find it quite reassuring to log on and see the same faces from back in 2012 when I joined (9 years ago that's wack... I feel old) in power and running parties. Logging back on seeing that Scotland is occupied by Iran on the other hand, is a great sight.

Lovely stuff. It's all rather nostalgic.

Is there a discord or anything going about?