[eUS] 3rd Monthly CP Debate

Day 4,794, 07:52 Published in USA Chile by Wilker Nath

I'll be honest with you. This debate was a wash, so much so that I'm using my personal paper rather than official WHPR to get this published.


The reason this debate was so bad was activity. The one I did with DSS and Bubblar, they both responded to questions in a timely manner, and it was a pleasure to host. The one with Cthulhu and Groot, I can say the same, it was a pleasure.

With this one, Derphoof was responsive. Trite, who created a discord account just for this debate, was reasonably responsive considering.

I hate to use the CP debate platform to bash a candidate, especially since someone will probably just say this is tribalism on my part, but what I hate more is publishing half a debate which one of the candidates didn't even show up to, despite repeated promises. Communicating with CG has been like pulling teeth.

I contacted him on discord over a week in advance of when this needed to be prepared by.

I was then told he is more active on TG, so I reached out there.

Following this, he joined the server where the debate was being hosted, but did not respond to a single question.

Again, I REALLY hate using the CP debate to bash someone, but there is one reason that this debate has not finished on time.

That out of the way, on to the actual debate, such as it is.



Audience questions:

For the sake of the audience, and so the candidates have a chance to respond to the other questions in the comments, I will post all the unused questions here.

Foreign Affairs:
TWs: do we have enough? Do we need more? We need more, right? What's your plan to get us more? (unless you don't think we need more, in which case, tell us about that).

A topic that's been on the minds of many for the past while is Gnilraps/Krapis. On the one hand, he is a power player who worked wonders for the nation on the battlefield, in the CP seat, and during ATO operations in the Ajay era. On the other, he concealed his erepublik history for several months after creating his new account, and was elected PotUS under false pretenses. What are your thoughts on this character? Should action be taken by congress or the executive on the subject?
[bonus: question was written before the return of gnilraps]

Government spending has come up as a question in this election. Has the government been spending too much or not enough? Should spending priorities be any different? Is there something else we should throw money towards, as opposed to domestic programs?

Audience Submissions:
from Herr Vootsman
"What do you think eUSA's biggest mistake was and what would you have done differently?"

from PimpDollaz
"We seem to have hit a dead end in the country and this game with the same cycle of training wars and not much else. Besides the usual government handouts and articles, what plans do you have to engage newer players and generally make things more fun for the average player?"

from RF Williams
"I'd like to see a good discussion on best ways to maximize redistribution of tax wealth to benefit all active players (not only tanks), while at the same time making sure there is a rainy day fund for emergencies."

from King Harambe
"Ask chickenhead if he ever plans to stop using tax money to get re-elected."

from zRTx
"Why do you believe in Dio?"

And there we have it.
Here's to a better debate next month.


Stay jazzy guys