[STATE] eUSA MoFA Update - Apollo, eIsrael

Day 4,789, 14:21 Published in USA USA by Department of State

Day 4789

Hello eUSA citizens. I wanted to update you on a few things that have happened in Foreign Affairs recently that everyone should be aware of.


We are currently a Member of Apollo:

Nope, sorry not that one,

Oops, sorry, let me try one more time:

Here we go.

We want to personally thank the governments of eParaguay, eMoldova, eUkraine and eColombia for accepting us, as well as ASTERIA HQ for allowing us to continue working towards our end goal of applying for full membership. I also want to personally thank KodaK, MattrimCauthon, Panda monium, and Pheo as they were very helpful through this process. Apollo unanimously voted us in.

For those that did not know, our NAP (Non Aggression Pact) with ASTERIA expired on November 22nd, right before Thanksgiving. We have been in talks with ASTERIA HQ and continue our journey to provide our strategic help in their ventures.

The current process to join ASTERIA as a full member, requires joining Apollo for a full 3 months to ensure that we can provide the strategic help in their operations and be trusted.

I want to thank our Congress, after a lot of deliberations, discussion and good conversations around what this all means, voted in approval 35-1

eIsrael, eCanada and Orion

As you know, we have been in eIsrael since Christmas for the Holidays. The strategic goal that was set out for us was achieved. Our time there is ending as New Year is approaching and it is time to say our goodbyes. We are in the middle of releasing Jerusalem (in coordination with Asteria) and will be releasing the last region (Bebeersha) in the next few days once all the arrangements are made. We ask that you do not start a Resistance War here until it is authorized. We want to thank eIsrael for hosting us during this time. To advance goodwill, we will returning some taxes collected during our stay. We are not in the occupation of forcing TW's with countries that we consider a friendly alliance.

eCanada reached out to us during the holidays and expressed to us the importance of maintaining peaceful relations with Orion members. Resource Wars were already a difficult time between our countries and our executive team wanted to make sure our relationship improved, not deteriorated. With that in mind, we wanted to show goodwill towards eIsrael. We also have eCuba on eUSA soil in a ping pong training war, and we would like to work with Canada on TW's in the possible future. We value our relations with Cuba and Canada, our neighbors.

Thank you for your time, Happy New Year and to a better 2021.

December 2020 eUSA Executive Team