Tastes Like Chicken: Chicken Feed Update

Day 4,776, 13:59 Published in USA USA by USA Department of the Interior

Aloha eCitizens!
We at the DOI would like to share the success of the new Chicken Feed Program that the Chickensguys Administration rolled out at the beginning of this eWeek. Thus far, we’ve helped an average of 70 eCitizens per day and have disbursed over 140K worth of energy in just two days!

You are correct, internet meme! We gotta pump those numbers up! You heard the Chicken!
So if you’re not signing up for Chicken Feed yet, START TODAY!
Just get 25+ kills and comment on the Chicken Feed post, and we’ll send you 1000 energy Free!
Here’s a link to ePOTUS’s original article:
This program would not be possible without the generous backing of the Chickensguys Administration!
Fully funded by the Executive Branch, Chicken Feed operates at no cost to the eCitizen. Thanks Guys!
So why not take advantage of us now, before we come to our senses.