Chicken Feed.

Day 4,773, 22:21 Published in USA USA by chickensguys
Chicken Feed.
Today we are happy to announce another great program. A daily post much like is done with the Chicken Dividend will be posted in the country feed but for Chicken Feed. Chicken Feed will provide 1000 health to eUS citizens who are able to do a minimum of 25 kills a day. This program will be run through the country feed, under Thee Dude’s able leadership. It will require players to comment under the post so long as they have acheived 25 kills. This program is paid for and run by the Executive.

So in total eUSA will have 4 recurring programs. Chicken Dividend (Made up of Crap and FFF), Chicken Feed, GIMP and Fly By Priorities. These domestic programs will cement the eUSA as one of the most generous governments ever. I intend to do everything in my power to ensure that our citizens have every possible edge that they need to rank up. With the addition of air weapons, I expect air battles to have greater significance in the future, helping us as we are a strong country in terms of air damage.

President of the eUnited States