Chickensguys Wins: WTP-BSP Coalition Ends 7 Months of Elitist Rule

Day 4,765, 08:49 Published in USA USA by Dominar Rygel XVI

President-elect Chickensguys after making his victory speech on election night.

Chickensguys, possibly the greatest statesman in the history of the eUSA.... After 7 months of elitist rule, consisting of two months of a multi leading our country, a fairly close, but enormous victory for the eAmerican people was delivered yesterday, and a new age of the chicken has dawned in America! I have been asked to serve as Governor and Secretary of Homeland Security, and have graciously accepted, and will do my utmost to help the new President 'Make eAmerica Great Again!'

It was also a tremendous achievement for CG to go the extra mile to build the friendship between WTP and BSP that we all believed was possible. Without their support, we would not have won this election. I wish the best of luck to Chickensguys and Kobble at the helm of this new administration, and I also hope that we can win back many of the 'Elitist Chickencrats' that were so critical to his success in the last run of terms. After all, we are Americans(except for the bots).