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Day 4,763, 21:39 Published in Switzerland Ireland by Sethesin

Dear eSwiss population,

We have a problem. It could be harmless trolling, could be a spectrum thing or a mix of both but one thing is certain, we have a very troubled citizen in tef1. Swinging from utter adoration to total vilification depending on who he's addressing at any given time his "antics" have even made our private national feed internationally available after a simple, excusable in game faux pas. He's steadily descending to worse and it's time to call attention to it.

I've no idea how to let another ePlayer know they are literally offending the entire eSwiss community when said player will either respond with "You're a part of the failed establishment" or "You're one of the last true Patriots". When you can't reason with a person while playing a game the game is over. I wish I could make this person see that logical fallacy but I'd either be a Traitor or a Patriot depending on his mood.

This is a game we all share. I can take his hatred of me when he personally declares war on Ireland on behalf of Switzerland, or goes as low as using the tragic death of another player to somehow "forgive me", ugh, repugnant as all that may be, where is the line? Should I pretend to like the clown to sate him? Never. The Bosnia thing was a slip up yet we have this lunatic broadcasting our National Intelligence for every eNation to see. An actual example of an unforgivable traitor.

Are we gonna have to make a separate eSwitzerland he's not allowed in?

If you have any constructive idea's about this situation do not hesitate to comment. I'll engage w/ them all. We need a natural conclusion, not a national concussion.

Oh, and tef1, if you're reading this, seek help. You're not alone, there's always someone to lend an ear. (G*d help them)

The rest is me just talking about random shite. Enjoy! 🙂

Painting & Mental Health

I've taken up the aul art of acrylic painting. I'd share but my phone is busted (I know, a likely story). Regardless it's made this lockdown that bit more bearable. Hand to brush, brush to paint and paint to canvas.

Things begin to take form and all of a sudden you're adrift, losing yourself to a painted landscape world or in some of my chillier moments, portraits. Painting someone is hard for obvious reasons but it gets even harder when that painting starts to take shape. My only advise is be kind to your subject.

2-Clicking & Routine

Yep, this is it. We click and make our profiles that bit more robust looking. Everything else in game is trivial. No big wars, no political intrigue etc. (At least from where I'm standing). The game was designed for all of that but it's concept has fallen like toy blocks. Pay to win. Boring.

World Affairs & eSwitzerland

The eSwiss community is still thriving, thank G*d. As an expat and probably soon to be ex-expat... Wait. I'm an expat in a game and if I move to.. Nevermind. I can only speculate as to how much this means to RL eSwiss players but of all the eNations I truly believe this country is the most stable, despite the clown problem.

Wars w/ other nations is an option but not an option that'd make much sense. Perhaps a closer eye should be kept on eSwisses M.U's. Collectivization. You don't have to leave your M.U but your M.U has to work for your country. During the give away thing I noticed eSwiss players fighting over BH medals. That kind of Hydra-headed nonsense just wastes tonnes of energy we could be using to protect ourselves and more prestigiously, our allies.

Well, that's it. Sorry if I wasted your time. You'd have only wasted it somewhere else to be fair.

- You already know, it's ya boi