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Day 4,734, 07:15 Published in Canada Canada by Canadian Ministry of Finance

Now that Canada has finished her resource wars, you need to know where we put the resources and where to move your factories to. This is a comprehensive article about what Canada has to offer, and will give advice on where to locate your companies going forward.

Resource Change Over

The first thing to note is that the resources will be changed over tomorrow, Friday November 6th beginning at 02:00. This will be when our old bonuses disappear and the new ones are implemented. Ensure that if you work after 02:00 on November 6th, your companies are located well.

The Bonuses, the Regions

National Bonuses

Canada acquired bonuses in each production industry as follows: For food production, we have a national bonus of 55%. This is down by 30% from current. For weapons production, we have a national bonus of 100%. This is up by 10% from current. For housing production, we have a national bonus of 30%. This is down by 60% from current. For aircraft production, we have a national bonus of 55%. This is up by 25%.

Weapons: 100%
Food : 55%
Air: 55%
Housing: 30%

Regional bonuses

We placed Deer and Grain in Yukon. if you place your food companies there, you will receive a regional food production bonus of 11%. Therefore, with 0% pollution, you would produce food at 166% productivity. with 25% pollution, you would produce food at 141% productivity. Pollution is expected to be near 0%.

In NWT we placed most of our weapons resources. If you place your weapons companies there, you will receive a regional weapons production bonus of 14%. Therefore, with 0% pollution, you would produce weapons at 214% productivity. With 25% pollution you would produce at 189% productivity. Pollution is estimated to be between 5%-20% depending on how many people locate their factories here.

In Nunavut we placed our Rubber, Granite, and aircraft resources. If you place companies here, you would receive 6% weapon and housing bonus, and 11% aircraft bonus. Overall, with 0% pollution, weapons would produce at 206%, housing at 136% and aircraft at 166%. With 25% pollution, weapons would produce at 181%, housing at 111% and aircraft at 141%.

Where should I locate my companies

Canada exclusive

If you are looking to place your companies exclusively in Canada, you patriot you, it is recommended to place them in NWT. Weapons companies will experience the highest productivity in this region. Food companies will experience 155% production. No other companies should be placed in NWT at this time. Aircraft maybe in the future.

If you want a slightly higher food production, place food production in Yukon, though it can be costly to move between NWT and Yukon for working as manager.

It is recommended to not locate housing companies in Canada any longer.

If you have aircraft companies, locate them in Nunavut.

International Placement

Be aware of Training Wars! If we have an open war with a country you have your companies in, you will not be able to produce in your companies. The Canadian government will not be responsible should we open a TW with a country whom you also have companies in. We can only help if you place your companies in Canada.

Weapons companies should still be placed in Canada, NWT due to 100% bonus plus the region bonus. However, if you really want to leave you can also place them in Finland, Peru, South Africa and USA.

Food companies, you have many options of countries to choose from if you are looking for 100% food production bonus. Lithuania, Ukraine, Taiwan, Netherlands, USA, France, Indonesia, Cyprus, India, Portugal, Colombia, Pakistan, Brazil and Australia all have 100% food bonus. I would recommend to locate food companies in Portugal, Netherlands or Lithuania, as they are friendly towards us, however consider possible TW's as well.

Aircraft companies, you have a two options of countries to choose from. South Africa and Peru. However, Romania will have 100% aircraft bonus and Netherlands will as well, through concession.

Housing companies, you get 3 options. United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, and Philippines. However, Cuba and Estonia are likely to also have 100% housing bonus through concession.


Hopefully this article was helpful for you in figuring out where to locate your companies based on bonuses in their cores. This is an early edition of the article, and most concession deals are not finalized. There is the possibility of changes internationally as well as within Canada.

Final recommendations are to locate all your food and weapons companies in NWT. housing companies should be located in foreign countries. Aircraft companies likely should be located abroad as well, unless they add Work as Manager to that industry, in which case, locate your aircraft companies in NWT.

If you are looking to maximize bonuses, without worrying about patriotism, those suggestions are listed above.

Canadian Ministry of Finance
Minister of Finance