Gnilkraps: The Krapspiracy

Day 4,689, 11:19 Published in USA USA by Dominar Rygel XVI

I wanted to let everyone know just how alike these two are. It truly is a series of amazing coincidences! I simply present the case, and leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Let me preface this by talking about the meteoric, and unprecedented rise of Krapis. He showed up to this game like a true seasoned pro, and managed to convince the eUS establishment to make him President in only a couple months with almost no experience to his name that we knew of. He also seems to have resources well beyond what a typical player does, and only a certain number of individuals make that kind of investment in the eWorld.

He managed to make himself so well liked that enough people in my own party felt we should endorse him for Country President. I was always suspicious, and knew something wasn't right. hcmadman, of the SFP, who is far from an ally of mine, came to me with his theory, and the more I thought about it and looked into it, the more disturbingly it made all too much sense.

The first piece of evidence which caught my attention suggests that PigInZen, who proclaims himself as some sort of fair and unbiased forum referee, has either knowingly allowed, or been slacking in noticing something rather peculiar. This is far more serious than anything he accused me of, yet this has been allowed to slide... We have to ask why?

Gnilraps, despite still playing, has not been active on our fair forums since May 7th.;u=1411
Krapis made the decision to join the forums on May 8th. Interesting timing.;u=14535

Their article formatting and writing are extremely similar. This is also a very intriguing coincidence! I invite you to look over the two papers. You will notice the use of gif barriers, the very consistent use of bolding and italics in a way that the vast majority of people do not employ in their articles, the similar language and writing patterns.... etc.
It is also amazing that Gnilraps has the mechanical power to instantly start an attack! He doesn't even need any time to ask President Krapis.

Some of you may know I have made it a personal crusade to hunt bots in the eUS, resulting in literally scores of them being banned over the past months. The battle continues to this day, and the same person keeps making them. Here you can see that the person creating these takes advantage of the GIMP program. Many of these now deceased "players" aggressively utilized the program during their lifetime. The vast majority of these accounts are being created by the same individual. Start at #156 on the spreadsheet, and you'll find most of the names from that point have been banned. Who is the most likely suspect? I'll leave it to you to decide that one.
These two think so much alike! Here they are with the same opinion in back-to-back comments!

What kind of a person comments in their own article, and talks about serving as an adviser to themselves? This is pure insanity.
UPDATE: After the initial publication of this article. I just learned that Gnilraps can see options usually only available to Country Presidents!

1 + 1 usually equals 2. Folks, we have been hoodwinked, and had one pulled over on us by a very weird individual. Please don't reward this manipulative and dishonest behavior.