[bLog X?] The Pirate`s Last Arrgh

Day 4,650, 17:33 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by TheTrendoResurrected

Loosely inspired by this short converstaion, which by the way took place in the Pirate Tavern which was quite famous a few years ago 😛 for being a merry place.

So why am i writting this, well because it reminded me of Diogenes a cynic and OG troll.

I was also a quite dedicated troll, sadly trolling died out, i said this somewhere 🤔
Anyway i feel like Diogenes is my spirit animal.

So whats the big fuss. I decided to beat the dead horse one more time cuz f it.
Diogenes, among living in a barrel and other WTF moments, is famous for taking strolls throughout the city holding a lantern at broad daylight looking for an "honest" man.

Im kinda doing the same, only im looking for a "live" account. Covid made people rediscover their erep roots while they are imprisoned in their home. So i could find 5 alive account today. Im quite happy. It used to be a much loner place.
I also seem to quite not get tired of using the word "quite" either.

Anyway to wrap it up, 2 trolls 2300 years apart are sticking up for a higher cause? Irony is killing me - I actually wanted to use this as my headline but after another "f it" i decided to use what you read now.
Thats all for this blog. I dont know if there would be another.