New e-citizen in the house!

Day 4,648, 12:36 Published in Cuba Romania by George ML

Greetings eCuba community!

I joined some days a go the small community of people from the island and other e-nations and I would like to share a small message (intro let's say).

After a few years in the eGov of eRo and supporting the friends and the community of romanians I decided to take a brake and enjoy so time away from the game as I almost lost my intrest compleatley. (thanks Pluto, keep up the good job! ).

Inspired by my ex-MU collegue, Fagiani and the fact eCuba has a good relationship with eRu (where I have a small holding and Residence) I decided it is a good match.

I am not a medal hunter, dicator or great fighter, more like the old dinnosaur 2clicker type and I don't want to get involved into politics and farming of the community.

As a player that focused mostly on the political mode of the game I have to congratulate the people that lose their time and sanity in the eWorld having training wars, wars, alliances and taking care of the community.

Cheers and saludos to all!