[CP]Know Your Benefits

Day 4,648, 12:22 Published in USA USA by Krapis

Citizens of eUSA,

Greetings to you, and salutations from the Office of the President.

Today I write to you about our Department of Interior web site.

But first, let’s quickly understand what the Department of the Interior is all about. If we look at the business of government from the perspective of its relationship with the rest of the world vs. its relationship to its own citizens, the Interior Department of government deals with the later.

And while there are aspects of the Interior that deal with social networking and other forms of capital, one of the most important thing the Interior does is the responsible distribution of benefits as budgeted by Congress.

If you were thinking that an article from the CP about the Department of the Interior might not pertain to you, you were wrong. If you click almost anything in this game, you are paying taxes. And if you are paying taxes, then you are funding the Congressional Budget Office. And if you are funding the Congressional Budget Office, then Congress is apportioning funds for you.

eusadoi.com is how you get those funds back.

Yes, there’s CRAP, the daily post on the National Feed wherein Miesha invites you to receive your share of the Interior’s daily distribution of benefits. CRAP stands for “Currency Rebate of America Program”. You just have to remember to participate each day.

But there’s a lot more crap being disbursed than CRAP. And that is why you need to get to know eusadoi.com

Before we go stampeding towards the simoleons, I want to point out that there are many features of this site that may be used to inspire your media career. And remember, income gained from newspaper endorsements can be very lucrative!

So at eusadoi.com, you can find statistical data about our citizens, our regions, our geography, our battle orders, and more. If there’s one thing I’d love to see in this country, it’s more active newspapers. So browse around the site and look for something that inspires you.

But if you are still reading because I caught your attention with the whole, “muh taxes” line of thinking, then you want to click the “Assistance Programs” link.

NOTE: Weapons Assistance and Lottery Assistance are on hold.

Food Assistance
Once per day, enter your eRepublik Profile ID (the numbers at the end of the url when you click to your profile page.) Do that and food will appear in your storage at some point. It’s that easy.

Home for the Homeless
This is a one-time-only disbursement of enough cash to afford a Q1 house from the market. If you apply, be patient. It really helps if you have Discord, because coordinating the purchase is easier that way. But it isn’t absolutely necessary. Just remember, each citizen only qualifies once.

Food for Flight
Now we are getting into the serious goodies.

First, you must create a FFF account. This will again be linked to your profile ID, and you will pick a PIN number. Once you’ve created your account, FFF begins filling your account with food based on how much Air Combat fighting you do. Unlike Food Assistance, you must request a withdrawal from your FFF account in order to reap its benefits. To do this, click the link that says “View My Account”, enter your ID and PIN, and withdraw as much of your food as you wish.

One important note: FFF food can expire, so it’s wise to withdraw weekly. Also, you do NOT need to make a new FFF account after withdrawal.

GIMP stands for “Growth Incentive Military Program”, but remember that it only applies to Air Combat. GIMP pays you a cash bonus based on the amount of Air Combat damage (and rank) you have accumulated throughout the previous week. You do not need to request your GIMP payout, but you do need to sign up for GIMP weekly. The GIMP week begins and ends at day change Sunday/Monday, so I recommend doing your GIMP and FFF withdrawals every Monday. Also remember, unlike food donations, cash donations must be manually received by checking your ingame alerts.

Guns and Butter is a Federalist Party program, so you’ll have to ask a Fed what it’s all about. But the link on the Interior site will take you to their application where you may qualify for food and weapons from that party.

So go get that cheese.

And one thing I’ve always liked seeing is a shout of thanks to those who run these programs.

King Taco has created that website, and keeps it running… and other stuff.
Dmjohnston, Dinnyin, Herr Vootsman, Miesha are also involved in making our Interior Department function at a very high level.

So when you see an alert that says you’ve received some fresh tacos from your friendly taco regent, give a shout of thanks.

If you or your party has a program that you want linked from the Interior Site, let us know.

And if you’d like to get involved in our Department of Interior, send me a message and I’ll get you plugged in.