[BEERUS] The Oppressed!!!

Day 4,648, 10:51 Published in USA USA by Lord Beerus

After I decided to destroy half of RGR's planet, I needed to make sure he knew who the actual boss was....

So like any god in his right mind, I had to show my subjects who was in control, who held the power here.

It was time to take a trip, back to the pitiful world that RGR controlled(at least in his own mind really.)

Time to wake-up and handle business

But before that could happen.....I needed to eat!

This earth food is AMAZING!!!

Minion: Master, dont you have something you needed to do....travel to a planet to oppress someone?!

Beerus: How could I forget!

When I arrived on RGR's planet, he of course was afraid and in total shock of my magnificent power

Beerus: Who is your daddy!!!

RGR: You, you sir.....