The BHA Returns - Week 24

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Dear citizens,

The Belgian House Aid Program is the program that aims to provide the citizens of Belgium with the money to buy a Q2 house weekly. You can find an announcement article on the following link:

The main goal of the project is to increase the activity of our community. A Q1 house gives you an extra 50 energy and enough overtime points to work twice a day. Working overtime you earn enough CC to buy a new Q1 house and even make some profit. A Q2 house increases your total energy by another 80 and also gives you overtime points, which can be used to work overtime. We encourage you to take part in the Belgian House Aid program and try to use the money you save to activate a Q3 house, which increases your total energy by an extra 100 energy. With the residency, your house bonuses are increased by almost a day along with the energy and regeneration increase.

Requirements are:
- To be a Belgian citizen
- To have an active Q1 house
- To have earned at least 500 experience points the previous week.

Every participant who meets the requirements will be donated enough CC to buy itself a Q2 house from the market. All participants who would like to claim further weekly rewards will need to have a Q1 and a Q2 house activated in order to receive further rewards.

Without further ado:

Belgian House Aid - Week 24 is Opened for supplies

Make sure you fill out the form before the end of the day.

Donations will be made tomorrow.

* If you are a new player or you struggle with the currency let us know, and we can help you out with the first Q1 house.

With Regards,

Belgae gallorum fortissim.