New system for PP Challenge! Clops are coming back!

Day 4,647, 05:29 Published in Romania Romania by Clopoyaur
We have moved to Twitch, we got the Twitch Partnership, therefore is time for a NEW POWER PACK CHALLENGE.

The Legendary monthly competition on Clopoyaur TV has awarded so far over 600 Power Packs since it was launched in February 2019, and we will continue to do it in August as well.

But with new times, NEW CHANGES are coming:
Prepare to welcome the old allmighty currency of Clopoyaur TV:

Starting August 2020, Clops will be the ones needed to win the Power Packs. How?
Very simple, just gather 15 Clops and you can trade them for 1 Power Pack!

How do you get the Clops? Again pretty simple. You already know the Knowlege, the Clocks, the Pyramids and the Clopo$$$, as you were fighting to get them every month in order to win the Power Pack until now.

All these are gained as before (explained below for those of you who don't know how), but now they can be converted in Clops at the following ratios:
25 Knowledge = 1 Clop
2 Pyramids = 1 Clop
150 Clocks = 1 Clop
500 Clopo$$$ = 1 Clop

How can you do it exactly? By typing these commands in chat for each of these 4 conversions:
!tradeknowledgetoclops = Exchanges 25 Knowledge to 1 Clop
!tradepyramidstoclops = Exchanges 2 Pyramids to 1 Clop
!tradeclockstoclops = Exchanges 150 Clocks to 1 Clop
!trade$$$toclops = Exchanges 500 Clopo$$$ to 1 Clop

The old "!pp" command is still in place and will tell you exactly how many Clops you have. Once you gathered 15 Clops, you can exchange the Clops for the Power Pack in the "!shop". Power Pack is delivered to you once the Erepublik offer becomes available.


Again, this month we have 20 Power Pack available!!!

* With time other rewards will be added to the shop, such as 15 Euro Packs, Erep currency or Steam Games.

And for those of you that don't know how to get the "fragments" for the Clops, here are the explanations:

KNOWLEDGE can be gained as follows:
+25 for winning the ClopoQuest, the trivia competition that takes place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting 12:00 Erep time
+24 for second place, +23 for 3rd place and so on until the 25th place that gets +1 Knowledge,
+1 for every correct answer given when a Trivia card is redeemed

PYRAMIDS can be gained as follows:
+1 everytime you are on the stream while a Pyramid game reaches the Top (max prize)

CLOCKS can be gained as follows:
+1 for every 5 minutes you are watching the stream while I am LIVE

CLOPO$$$ can be gained as follows:
+1 for every 3 minutes you are watching the stream while I am LIVE
+30 if you are on the stream in the first 15 minutes after start
+100 for every Euro donated to the stream
+added for each Clopo$$$ card redeemed from my Streamloots card collection
You can win or lose Clopo$$$ by placing bets on different events that happen on the stream!

... and that is about it!

* Knowledge, Pyramids, Clocks and CLopo$$$ are reseted at the start of each month.
* You cannot trade fractions of Clops. The !tradeX command makes only 1 exchange at the established exchange rate. Also, if you want to make more trades, you need to run the command multiple times.
* Clops will NOT reset at the end of the month, but this might be subject to changes as this is the first month we experiment this system.

Everything happens on Clopoyaur TV, so be there every Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting 11:00 Erep time (19:00 GMT)