[Hot Summer] [ENG] Potentially Unlimited Rank Points for D4

Day 4,646, 18:54 Published in Russia Indonesia by AG.trimafadzi

Greetings eRussian citizens,

Thank you for being such a cool host country these past few weeks. Many a good day for you all.

I would like to share my notes about increasing land ranks for Division 4 fighters for free (or very cheap) using the Hot Summer Event.

Initial setup:
- Max your terrain skills to 40k, for as many terrains as possible.

Initial costs:
- EB pack = 39 G
- 20 q7 weapons = 4 G
- travel costs = 10 x 200 cc = 2000 cc = 4 G
Total cost = 47 G

39G EB pack equals 2000 health.

What you need to do:
Use that 2000 health to get 10 Battle Hero medals, roughly 200 health / BH.

Potential earnings:
10 BH = 50 G (slight profit)

Battle setup:
200 health + q7 weapons + 40k terrain str + damage booster 100% + Ghost Booster 

Myself, a lowly Titan* rank, with this setup can get 2 million damage. 
This should be enough to get BH for many battles, especially the losing side.

[Final Notes]

Theoritically D4 fighters can increase unlimited rank points in land battles, by buying EB packs and return the costs through BH medals.

Practically, not so simple. It depends on a lot of things:
- Your rank: the higher the better
- Available boosters: 100% damage booster + Ghost Booster combo is best
- Other boosters: Elite Citizen, NE bonus, etc
- How many terrains you master: more terrains means more battles for you
- How much competition there is: the more people, the more expensive the damage for BH
- How many active battles: more battles means less competition
- Your luckiness in general

I hope someone may find this useful.

Personally, I do not put it to much use because of my limited boosters 😃.
Also, 2 million damage is still too low for many battles.

Stay cool this summer!


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