Two Trailer Park Girls Go 'Round the Outside

Day 4,646, 12:42 Published in USA USA by Aeriadne

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Listen, we're not gonna talk about it. It happened again, you all were really understanding, I made my apologies. To be honest I didn't even expect to be here again this soon after all that.

But life never really goes how you expect it.

So what's up Emericka, it's your Vice President, coming at you with another hot summer jam.

"Whoa Aramec is this for real?"

Yeah. It's not a joke. I've joined the Feds, I've been writing writing daily press briefings for the last four days, I'm seeing who I can support and how.

You see I came to a realization recently. And I know we said we wouldn't talk about it, but I have to kind of.

Last time, it was all about me. My plans, my ideas, internal motivation. And frankly I will always fail at that because I will always be a constant disappointment to myself.

The times I've been here and been here for a while? It's always been about others. Supporting, helping, realizing others' potential. That's what I'm good at.

So that's what I'm going to do.

Stay frosty, folks.