[ARS] The Royal Foundation - Continuation - 7th week

Day 4,646, 06:03 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Felix Rex.

Greetings, citizens of Switzerland

Dear citizens of Switzerland, Royalists, Friends... "The Royal Foundation"
as promised is catching up, and today will be provided the financial support for the 7th week. Sorry for waiting one week longer, forgive my laziness, thanks for your patience, understanding and for the continued support.

I salute you everybody o7

Not much has happened since the last article, it's worth mentioning that a new government was formed, which managed to mess the Training war with Romania on the first day of it's work https://prnt.sc/twfv03
I hope they will fix the TW soon, and will not ruin the said training war in one day, because it was successfully managed in the past 3 months.

Let me remind you that our well known friend and Swiss veteran
chris jonadicus has managed to get full control of our discord and telegram national channels.
Everybody is invited there for a nice friendly chat, for some fun and to get to know each other better. Just follow the links

Discord : https://discord.gg/vJM758s

Telegram: https://t.me/eswisschat

Continuing with the giveaway. This week the “Royalists” will receive financial aid of 84972CHF, 100 Q7 weapons and 40000 energy.

I would like to inform you that very soon the form of this article will be changed,and I'm proud to announce that new forms of support will be introduced, and very soon the entire "Royal" economic "machine" will be employed for full support of every Swiss citizen 😉

I bow to you and thank you for being part of the ARS family.
Royal and Loyal ♔7

You want to be part of the “Royalist Forces” ???
Who qualifies for support by the “Royal Foundation”??
What help the “Royal Treasury” offers??

Every citizen that is full ARS member (member to “Alliance Royale Suisse” and “Armeé Royale Suisse”) will receive the following support:

-10000 cc for traveling costs
-7cc per kill in the air battles up to rank (including) Wing Commander***** (with maximum 2500 kills on weekly basis)
-15 Q7 weapons per every 125mil. damage in the ground battles up to rank (including) Titan*** (with maximum 1.5bil. damage on weekly basis)
-Fixed amount of 8000 energy (400 units of the best quality Q7 food)

The support in the air battles DOES NOT EXCLUDE the support in ground battles. The activity in both battlefields will be rewarded.

Citizens that are partly ARS members (members to “Alliance Royale Suisse” but NOT to “Armeé Royale Suisse” or vice versa):

-6000 cc for traveling costs
-4cc per kill in the air battles up to rank (including) Wing Commander*****
(with maximum 2000 kills on weekly basis)
-10 Q7 weapons per every 250mil. damage in the ground battles up to rank (including) Titan***
(with maximum 1.5bil. damage on weekly basis)
-Fixed amount of 4000 energy for everyone (200 units of the best quality Q7 food)

Citizens that haven't made at least 125 weekly kills, or at least 100mil. ground dmg. will be supported with 4000CHF and 2000 Energy (100 units of the best quality Q7 food).


We encourage ANY aspiring, politician, soldier, journalist, businessman or any other kind soul that looks for fun to join the “Royalist forces”.

PLEASE NOTE: We acknowledge that the community in Switzerland is small, players have made close friends, during their time here, and don’t want to change Military Units or Political Parties all the time, if that is the case and somehow you need financial support, please don’t hesitate to contact us anyway, we would try to arrange something, and to provide the assistance that the citizen might require.
As in the case with the workers in our factories, we guarantee absolute discretion, no names will be published EVER.

“The Royal Foundation” supports the development of journalism in our country,
as a form of activity that can inspire and further develop the citizens, to enrich and to lift the spirits in our country. The military unit or political party membership are NOT RELEVANT for this support, and it’s open for EVERY Swiss citizen.

We pledge 30.000CHF weekly, for positive, uniting, heartwarming, educational or funny articles published by Swiss citizens.

To the Swiss citizens IN NEED we offer work in the Royal factories, armories,
bakeries and construction sites. WE offer 600 CHF more then the current top wage at the job market at any time. Please contact Felix Rex if you are interested and the royal consortium will open a new job in some of the companies around the world.

If something is not explained well, or partially explained please consult the Founding article

Royal and Loyal ♔7

“Armeé Royale Suisse”
ARS military wing “Armeé Royale Suisse” during the previous week 28.07-03.08.2020 was classified as follows:


Damage done

Ground fighters - 2nd place - 1.560bil.
Air fighters - 1st place - 3.340mil.

Opponents defeated

Ground Fighters - 3rd place - 1413 kills
Air fighters - 1st place - 8766 kills

ARS members that reaped the benefits of “The Royal Foundation” during 7th week:

10315CHF & 75Q7 tanks & 8000 energy
27500CHF & 8000 energy
Mr Hamster
13157CHF & 8000 energy
4000CHF & 2000 energy
Battosai Id
4000CHF & 2000 energy
Sheldon the Mad Scientist
4000CHF & 2000 energy
4000CHF & 2000 energy
Byzantine warrior
4000CHF & 2000 energy
Zoran Milanovic.
4000CHF & 2000 energy
Hercule Poirot
10000CHF & 15Q7 tanks & 8000 energy

EVERYBODY that votes the article and comments in the comment section WILL BE REWARDED with 15 Q7 weapons. Thank you o7