WhydoIbotherToo Trivia about EZC

Day 4,645, 16:59 Published in USA USA by WhydoIbotherToo

Good day eMerica. EZC held a fun little MU Trivia contest as the first event of my new leadership. This article provides the answers to the questions. Thank you to all that participated in the Trivia Contest. I paid out just over 160k cc in prize money with everyone that submitted an entry getting 1k cc just for taking time out of their day to try.

Question 1: What Regiment is your CO in? The correct answer is the 296th Regiment.
Question 2: Who is the current CO of EZC? The correct answer is WhydoIbotherToo.
Question 3: Who are the current XOs of EZC? The correct answer is Animis and ubuntu21.
Question 4: Who is Captain of the 10th Regiment? The correct answer is H U L K.
Question 5: Who is Captain of the 3rd Regiment? The correct answer is Buckwheat McCoy.
Question 6: What regiment is our Elite Regiment? The correct answer is the 1st Regiment.
Question 7: What eRep day was EZC founded? The correct answer is Day 1201.
Question 8: Which EZC Member has the highest Strength? The correct answer is Archibald.
Question 9: Which EZC Member has the highest Air RanK? THe correct answer is Super Nova.
Question 10: How many Legends are in EZC? The correct answer is 33.
Question 11: What is the MU Motto? The correct answer is Together, We Stand Alone or CURRAHEE.
Question 12: On what eRep Day did EZC Split from politics? The correct answer is Day 1943 when they split off from the Federalist Party. We continue to operate as a non-political MU to this day.
Question 13: What does CURRAHEE mean? The correct answer is a Cherokee word for Stand Alone, together.
Question 14: Name as many Officers as you can: The full list is: Animis, ubuntu21, WhydoIbotherToo, Deepchill, Gnilraps, Krapis, Iamnameless, Trekker Tlumac, RaccoonGoon, Dinnyin, TheNorm, Melissa Rose, Super Nova, H U L K, MaryamQ, Slybabymichele, Emdoublegee, Carlos3652, Boomerdude, Blande, MariusCB.
Question 15: What was the first mission EZC participated in?[/b] The correct answer is Operation Polish Sausage.
Question 16: Name 3 of the 5 Founders of EZC. The 5 founders were: citizenslave, MitchRapp, MourningStar, Qubert18 and Eotrick
Question 17: Who are our current Uniform Specialists? The correct answer is Krapis and H U L K.
Question 18: Do we require a certain level to join EZC? The correct answer is NO, there is no level requirement to join EZC at this time.
Question 19: Do you have to be an eUS Citizen to join EZC? The correct answer is NO, you are not required to be an eUS citizen but you do need to fight for eUS interests.
Question 20: Who is the author of Digital Perfection? The correct answer is Slybabymichele. I really thought this one would be hard to answer but apparently everyone just used google.
Question 21: Who was the previous CO of EZC? The correct answer is TheNorm.
Question 22: What is the name of Gnilraps newspaper? The correct answer is The Currahee.
Question 23: Does EZC have a Commune? The correct answer is Yes. If you want more info on the Commune, contact Gnilraps.
Question 24: What Regiment is Nui04 in? The correct answer is Regiment 1.
Question 25: What benefit does EZC get from being an Elite MU? The correct answer is that we can set Daily Orders anywhere in the eWorld and for either side of a battle.

There were 2 Tie-breaker questions:
Tiebreaker 1: What is Gnilraps real life occupation? The correct answer is that he is a Pastor.
Tiebreaker 2: How many CP medals are there across the entire Officer Corps of EZC? This one proved to be quite difficult but the correct answer is 20 terms as CP between all of the Officers of EZC.

Congratulations to everyone that participated. Officers were allowed to enter but were not allowed to win prizes.
First place was a tie between Kevin Sheridan and john woodman who each got 50k CC. 2nd place went to Wazzafak who collected 25k CC. 3rd place went to Bomb Squad who collected 10k CC.

I look forward to getting more people within EZC involved in future fun, community events like this.
Thank you for your time and CURRAHEE!