[CP]Thank You

Day 4,645, 12:45 Published in USA USA by Krapis

Citizens of eUSA,

Greetings to you, and salutations from the Office of the President.

I give you thanks for your support in the recent election. While I would like to offer some generous language to the runner-up, I admit to feeling like it is best to leave that subject completely alone, and that doing so is perhaps the most complimentary thing I can do. So I will limit my introductory thoughts to gratitude and hope for the days to come.

The game changes when you stand for public office.

Prior to August 6th, I spent the lion's share of my eRepublik gaming time serving myself. Each click was measured by how it would benefit Kernal Krapis and his agenda. Fight clicks, WAM clicks, newspaper ideas… even party business was, to some extent, a self-serving enterprise. Heck, the campaign to become Country President itself was somewhat self-serving, as there is a bit of the ego involved, and gaming achievements are intoxicating. Grab gold, increase rank, build storage, gain influence, garner attention, make friends… it’s not entirely self-serving, but it sure is biased in that direction.

But the game changed once the votes had been tallied and I realized that my existence as a citizen of eUSA is no longer merely a calculation of how each variable will benefit me personally. Most of my time is now spent in consideration of you.

Every PM I write, every time I hit the enter key on Discord, each detail in each message I receive from each diplomat, deputy, and secretary… all of it now gets filtered through a new ideal:

What is best for eUSA?

And so my first thoughts, as I settle into the Oval Office and look over all of the possibilities that lay before me, are focused on the people who share this room with me.

Each one of these Cabinet members and deputies and diplomats is spending his and her time in consideration of our collective community. We, the citizens of eUSA, are being served by the likes of King Taco, and Evry, and zRTx, and PimpDollaz, and Molly Emma and so many others who log click after click on your behalf.

Let that sink in.

While we have spent the last month+ farming thousands and thousands of Gold, our Government officials have been laboring on our behalf without a single pop-up notification saying:

But that is what they deserve.

So as I begin the task of administration, I want to publicly thank the citizens who have labored on my behalf, and on your behalf.

Thank you, Tyler Bubblar and co. for three fantastic months.

Thank you to those who have agreed to remain on for yet another stint in government.

Thank you.

Now back to what I was saying about how the work they (and now I) do in government is done with you in mind. Please be mindful that there are numerous avenues for you to communicate with me about how you think our government should be handled. President Bubblar succeeded in keeping a seat open at the table for anyone who wanted to participate and contribute, and I intend to maintain that philosophy.

Send me a message.
Contact me on Discord.
PM me at the Forum.
Reply to the Press Briefings.

Let us know how we’re doing and what we’re missing and how much you appreciate what we’ve done right.

Plans are being made already for a prosperous future. Be part of that future today.