Day 4,645, 07:15 Published in Canada Hungary by Kippers

Training Grounds upgrades are 45% off!

This means:

Q1 to Q2 costs 11 gold
Q2 to Q3 costs 28 gold
Q3 to Q4 costs 55 gold

This offer is ONLY available for Canadians!

As long as you still have a Training Ground that's unupgraded, you can comment down below with "GIMME GOLD!" and you will receive 10 gold (maximum daily donation) towards upgrading your Training Ground.

You may be 15 gold or 20 or even 40 gold off from upgrading your Training Ground, so the 10 donated gold may not cover the costs of upgrade. But that's okay, because you can save the gold and upgrade your Training Ground when the discount rolls around again.

As a bonus, should the Training Grounds discount last for more than 1 day, you can comment AGAIN for an ADDITIONAL 10 gold!

Apply now!