Starving to eDeath

Day 4,644, 11:54 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by tef1

The legendary heroic patriot Emperor Tef1 of Jokester land is hungry. His conditions are very dire. eDoctors are now giving him a few days at most unless generous donations poured in from around eWorld.

So, if you want a funny clown to continue existing and in a healthy matter, then TNS begs for your generous donations - whether it be in CC forms or Gold. Every bit is appreciated. It will save eWorld from boredom. It is getting boring as is, without a healthy and vibrant Tef1, it will get worse.

I know time is tough in rl and in the new world. I understand that. I would not be begging for CC if the situation was not dire. You may no longer be my friend due to any beefs we may have. Or perhaps you still rock with me, Whether you are a foe or an ally, any generous donations will be appreciated. I will never ever forget your generosity.

Please give generously, once I am back on my feet, I will be able to pay it forward. Remember I was there for everyone as MoED six times giving out hands out out of my own pocket, please remember that as you donate. Even if you are a foreigner, I still got your back if you ever get mine.

Thanks in advance for your generous donations.