August 2020 - Presidency: Terry Benedictt - CP -

Day 4,644, 09:55 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Swiss Federal Chancellery

Dear citizens, allies and friends:

I want to thank you for your vote and your commitment to make this country better. It is an honor to be president of this beautiful country for the third time.
Thanks to the parties that supported me, it is a way to unite our small but great community on a healthy path.
I am happy of the previous period of Iviz and his cabinet, undoubtedly an orderly, balanced and stable country was achieved and for this new period, we hope to continue in this way.

We hope with the authorities that will be representative of the main parties in the country to achieve these principles and try to incorporate some aid program for new and small players for reward and encourage.
As well as evaluating any program or plan that is beneficial for the country, of course always respecting the due approval processes.
we want to keep our TW stable and organized, we want medals for our citizens and respect, we want to maintain our good relationship with our Nebula alliance and allies, control the refund of taxes, we will try to benefit the economy of the country and our citizens, we want to maintain respect and unity in our community and our institutions and of course, communicate and inform our citizens and allies.

I dont want extend more this, so I will present the new cabinet and authorities for the period of August 2020:

Political Cabinet - August 2020 -

CP: Terry Benedictt
Prime Minister: Rican
Mod : Iviz Fer
MoFA: Cardinal Ignatius Hohenstaufen
Governor: Bombooo
MoE: Aniston
Country Advisor: SendoM

This time I decided not to incorporate vice ministers because August is a quiet month and there is not as much participation, but in a future where there are more people available I recommend reincorporating, it is a very good thing to train our citizens in different positions.

Immigration Committee - August 2020 -

. SendoM (SDP)
. Iviz Fer (SFP)
. Volm Konstantin (SPP)
. Sheldon the Mad Scientist (ARS)

Country Advisor: Winston Macina Smith

I want to thank all the people who accepted these positions! Everyone knows that I am very happy when new people get involved in politics and make the Swiss community more active: D

My wish for us is the same that the majority have, keep unity Swiss and promote a positive way in game and politics...a community of friends and allies towards the same place: the best for switzerland and having fun together.
Thank you all for your time! I know it is a difficult month for the RL and less time for many, but I am sure that we will have a pleasant and peaceful period for everyone!
We will keep you informed whenever necessary 😃