07.08.2020 Information And Cabinet

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Dear citizien of eCyprus,

First of all, I greet you all with respect and love .

According to the election results, For a month, I and my cabinet will manage eCyprus .

Thank you to everyone who voted for me or not.

It should not be forgotten that we must act together for the benefit of the country.

I contacted very experienced people we know from previous periods .

For the benefit of the country, I set up my cabinet for MoD and MoFA positions with those who know this job best.

Our MoE team will help new accounts and aviation support projects will be made.

We will make the connection with the CODE alliance with Gw4ihiR. Lakich will organize the Cyprus wars.

I will keep you informed about the eCyprus wars. For example, helping the alliance, attacking here, and training battles , etc.

I thank my friends who will accept the cabinet proposal and work with.

Yes maybe I can be a beginner but with the help of my cabinet mates ,I will do this duty properly.
I am never an enemy of anybody, I have a lot to learn from the friends in my cabinet.

For eCyprus, I and my cabinet friends will be active at all hours of the day.

I will set up a telegram group. I will have cabinet friends in this group. We will talk about our ideas. We will be together .
We will make common decisions.


Prime Minister : Gw4ihiR

Ministry of Defense : Lakich

Ministry of Foreign Affairs : Georgios Grivas

Ministry of Education :To be determined later

Governor : To be determined later

Thank you for your understanding and support in the coming period.

August'2020 eCyprus Term President

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