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Day 4,643, 10:26 Published in Turkey Austria by Rabbit of Caerbannog

Dear all,

I'm happy to help sharing the news about nice photo contest we have in our eWorld.

In case if you can also help, contact smash3r and you can publish in your eNation media 😉

Dear smash3r, thank you for this nice idea!

*not my picture, but this one is most dreamy I've ever seen, of my dear city of Zagreb 😉

I plan to apply with one, or two of my own 😉

So here is the original article from smash3r:

The last months weren't easy for everyone. Quarantine, Travel Restrictions, Lockdown, our daily lives changed a lot. Some countries are trying to get some 'normality' back, but still very hard to achieve. Travelling for holidays is nearly impossible right now, or at least it's not recommended. So i just got this idea. If we cannot go visit our beautiful world, let's bring those amazing places across the globe into our homes. And what's the best place to start than eRepublik?

I see this as an opportunity to bond citizens of the eWorld. Asteria, Code, Hydra, Andes, Orion, Pacifica, Nebula, everyone. All together. Share your country, your city, your favorite beach, forest, river, bride, building, church, mosque, temple, museum. The landscapes that make your country amazing. Show it for everyone to see. To encourage you to send your photos, I will make a voting open for all, and give some prizes to the winners.

#1 - 100.000 CC
#2 - 25.000 CC
#3 - 10.000 CC

Additionally, for my personal choice I will give an additional prize of 10.000 CC.

How to submit your photos:

1. Upload your photo to Imgur

2. Submit this form with some info like your ingame, photo URL and location.


Deadline to submit your photos: 16th of August 23h59 GMT (Day 4653)

YOU CAN SEND MORE THAN 1 PHOTO! But please, don't send photos from google 🙂 Use your own photos! It's easy to notice and trust me you will get more votes that way 🙂

Also, the idea is to share and promote the photos within this Instagram, created only for this contest (to be shared only with your approval). If this gets traction, idea might evolve into weekly/monthly contests, with different themes and more prizes. Give your feedback, share your ideas. Let's make this grow. And yes, I was bored with the game when I came up with this 🙂

Help me share the contest by spamming your friends with this Shout:

[CONTEST] Show me your country!
150k CC in Prizes for the Top3.









Hope you will enjoy this! 
Thank you!

That was original article + I've updated with links to articles published in other eCountries 😉

And I would like to encourage you all to apply into this contest, it is a very nice way to share a bit of your RL countries with the rest of the community!

Additionally, I like it so much that I will reward each member of my Military Unit - Flying Rabbits
Each FR EMU participant will get 5k cc, just PM me (Rabbit) with info 😉

And please, spread the word.. This is really nice, and for sure you have some nice and dear pictures you could share with us 😉

Yours truly,
Happy and smiling,