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Day 4,642, 04:39 Published in Greece Greece by Code Alliance family

Greetings CODE Family!

Today we are going to introduce you through following news:

* New HQ
* Leaving of USA
* Future endeavours

New HQ

Our HQ in this month is consisted of following personnel:

SG - Hitoyoshi [ France ]
SC - Gw4ihir [ Cyprus ]
SoFa - nexus2012 [ Croatia ]
dSoFa - KocaSeyit [ Turkey ]
PR - alioth [ Greece ]

Leaving of USA

Even though former SG Yui has proven to be very dedicated leader to alliance and it's causes, country that proposed him to position left the alliance. Which led to awkward situation of having commited SG and good friend as our leader, on the opposite side of it, country of his origin was no longer member of our alliance. In very friendly manner this transition of alliance leadership went into our current state.

Which takes us to core matter. CODE is alliance consisting of 10 members and not 11 as it's been until recently. USA has declared to be neutral country, status which we did not encourage, but also we do not dispute. Everybody makes decisions for themselves and USA's congress voted by not so overwhelming majority to leave alliance. It was not anonymous voting which is comforting, as there are still many proCODE players and sentiments out there. Our disappointment does not appear only because USA has proven to be very active and dedicated part of our community, but because we appreciated USA as our long-term friend and exactly because of that we let them leave peacefully and without any burdens. We will certainly not try to keep somebody by force - we will not try to keep somebody against their own will as it is in contradiction to our core values.

As expected, this move created a lot of attention, and some of tensions in public area. Indeed, growing tensions and heavy burden began to appear. At first our Family has been shaken by this sudden decision. But in the same way this storm burst into flame, same way dust suddenly settled. USA has proven to be very dear friend and ally of us, that is the reason we had hard time to accept what happened and it is proof of our appreciation of USA. We may regret their decision, but we must respect it. As our values stand high, no matter country's size, strength, numbers or contribution, we all are one, all same in importance and we all breathe as one. We are strong in our roots. We are united under banner of CODE.

Future endeavours

We do not and we will never forget who stood by our side in our darkest period. Also we will never forget opposite. In our last article our emphasis was that CODE is still alive. In the meantime, map shows not only that we are alive, strategic map shows unseen comeback in short period of time. That is our strength. That is our commitment and our dedication.

Despite of the new event and despite of the summer that many of our co-players enjoy, CODE has shown it's potential, showing what it means to express power, being so much stronger than only a month ago. Dynamic, and maybe even dramatic period is hopefully behind us. We really feel as healthy community right now.

Even though event was introduced in game that heavily shifted power to our adversary's side, we not only did accomplish to stay in loop, to just try to keep alive in game during this challenging period, but we can say that because of our dedication many CODE countries actually released their core regions – and even expanded. In spite to all that stood against us. Our coordination works well and we are working together even being decimated, for many of us are keeping boycott for cause of improving this game, making it better.

We indeed want to make this game a better game for everybody, for all sides, being enemy alliance Asteria and it's satellites, being neutral countries and alliances, and after all for ourselves too. We are fighting battle for game alone, and we are still determined to do so. That is level of compliance we are keeping here. Even though our future at first may look uncertain, CODE is strong in it's foundations. Because we are not regions, resources, companies, gold or even countries. We are people, everybody with their own feelings, wishes, origin, lives and experiences connected into network, network which we call CODE.

We may be tired from times to times, but we keep pushing forward. Days of friendship last and we are proud to live in times like these, times of friendship, and Family which writes history. Together.

Message to all our players and friends:
Check your country’s priorities, fight where is needed, help an ally.

Our motto: We believe we are more than an alliance, we are A Family.

Hail CODE!
Hail Friends!