[A4P] A nice day for eBelgium

Day 4,642, 00:37 Published in Belgium Belgium by Alexandross

Greetings Belgium!

It has been a long time since we had the excitement of old-school presidential elections with more candidates.

Although our community is a shadow of its former self, I am glad to be here today with you and share this emoment honoring our common past.

Yes, this is not the time for campaign speeches, yet I wish to thank everyone who is still here playing this game for old time's sake.

Please, even though there are no debates between and promises from candidates, do cast your vote today! Enjoy this special day and let us as a community finish this summer with increasing voter turnout and new ideas to bring back the glory of old days.

I thank you all, friends and fellow candidates.

Have a nice day!

Presidential candidate of DSP