First 'Newbie' Edition

Day 4,641, 16:19 Published in United Kingdom Serbia by Elad Cirith
Welcome to the first ever edition of the Daily Fantasy.

This publication will highlight the delusional new world of Elad Cirith as he embarks on adventures across the eUK and seeks to make a permanent mark on the fictional country of his RL.

Growing up in a fishing town left a desire for so much more, whilst plodding on in the real world, working long hours and striving to earn more, I find this can be a good distraction in its unique way.

I have followed all the instructions; I have pestered the Government, I have got involved in the wars, I have bought a house in Leeds (lovely place) and I have registered for the NHS. I have joined a political party and intend to be active within both said party and in the RAF, a military unit which brings pride and annoys my grandfather who served in the Navy, so it is a win-win.

Full disclosure, this article is about the 25 comments mission, but works as an introduction too.

So hello, please offer any advise or assistance you can think to a newbie joining the side so late, but who wants to get involved… I’m even going to look at Telegram, although Discord would have been easier :/

Warm regards