[UKRP] ~Insert Propaganda Here~ (P.S. Free stuff)

Day 4,641, 09:22 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Kapten Johnson

Yet another week and the winners are:

1. Select28
2. Lord Harambe
3. Sir Humphrey Appleby

We'll keep going until I quit the game again, so make sure you sign up for another raffle.

The prizes will again be;
1. 100 q7 Tanks & 100 q7 food
2. 80 q7 Tanks & 80 q7 food
3. 60 q7 Tanks & 60 q7 food

To sign up for this weeks draw, the only thing you have to do is be a UK citizen and post in the comment field on this article. I will make a new article next week announcing the winners.

Good luck,