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Day 4,640, 23:29 Published in Israel Israel by Agapeo Ben Josiah

Main Governmental goals for eIsrael, and her people:
from our very own Naor:
Our goals as a government are to create an army of strong tankers, 10 [or more] in number with full packages [paid stuff such as Mavric, Power, and Battle packs at the least] so we can withstand outside threats, [we] hope we can meet the target within two years, we are fighting to increase the amount of tankers which is not always up to us.
Levels are divided into military Divisions, any organized effort needs the lower Division players to give up hits (highest damage) for the Division 4 players, as they are the ones training for war and who can defend best.
The minimum strength of a tanker is 25k Str, and the minimum energy should be about 1000

Warfare analysis is as follows
1) Cyprus:
we occupy their region Northern Cyprus,
we defend when they attack,
they defend when we attack in Southern Cyprus.

2) Cuba:
they occupy Beersheba,
they defend when we attack Beersheba,
we defend when they attack Jerusalem.

3) Nigeria:
we occupy their region North West States,
we defend when they attack
they defend when we attack North East States.

4) Estonia:
they occupy Nazareth
they defend when we attack Nazareth
we defend when they attack Tel Aviv

5) Mexico: This TW basically we have triple side TW which is happening in Nigerian regions.
we occupy North West States (core of Nigeria) and we defend when Mexicans attack on that region.
and they defend when we attack in North Central States.

6) North Korea:
they occupy Haifa,
they defend when we attack in Haifa
we defend when they attack Jerusalem.

7) We always defend Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
Jerusalem is an exception, so we never lose that region.
Jerusalem and Tel Aviv (but especially Jerusalem) stays always in Israeli hands because basically most of Israeli people have their companies there.
some minor changes happen in TW agreements because of the high determination that a region gets because of constant occupation, so we change the region that we or the other country occupies
(for example in the TW with Cyprus after some weeks we’ll change from Northern Cyprus to Southern Cyprus).
Also, from time to time we return the taxes that a country loses because of the Israeli occupation to their core regions
(Nigeria and Cyprus)
and they return to us the taxes that we lose because of their occupation
(Estonia, Cuba, N. Korea).

Regarding the Shrinking activity level:
Right now, people are taking summer vacations from the game, so things are really relaxed so no gov. programs are actively running, and many players have devolved (for a short time) to two-clickers. This should let up in fall. And long-timer activity should rise again.

Thank you for reading this, and please, I need a Hebrew translation for this post, if you would like to do the honors just dm me with the translated text and I will post it here for posterity.