Political dialogue with the Uncle Rican

Day 4,640, 13:41 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Cardinal Ignatius Hohenstaufen

Dear Friends:

Rican has an impressive political career, and he is currently Prime Minister of Switzerland and Chairman of the main Swiss party the SFP erepublik.com/en/party/swiss-freedom-party-5130/1

He has earned with his commitment and work for our community the merit of being an experienced Leader and with the evidence of the History of our community. He is not a leader who invents merits or positions, he has earned them by right and with his acts.

This interview is a great honor for me. And it is an opportunity to get to know more and better the political and social message that Rican (known as the Uncle of Switzerland) has to tell us.

So, let's stop introductions and go with Uncle Rican, who surely receives us with a good drink and a political dinner.

--- Cardinal Hohenstaufen: You really don't need an introduction. You are an experienced Swiss politician. And it is an honor for me to carry out this interview.

Thank you Uncle for this opportunity to dialogue politically with you, and why not enjoy a good drink together?

--- Uncle Rican: The honor is mine.... as are the drinks.

--- Cardinal Hohenstaufen: LOL! We know you are generous!

The health condition for this interview is that we are full of alcohol, so there are no risks! At least for us!...

Well. Let's talk about politics!

We recently finished the parliamentary elections. SFP had an excellent performance. And increased the seats. Congratulations!

SFP is Switzerland's main party, and it does not always have many candidates. The strategy of increasing them is good. Do you plan to further encourage member participation to run for Congress? The possibilities are very encouraging ...

--- Uncle Rican: Thank you. I congratulate all the new congress members!
Taking part in government is actually the best feature of eRep. We have many great active congressmen in all parties.

I encourage all active citizens to run for congress if their intentions are honorable and patriotic.

The SFP is the oldest party in eSwitzerland. We have been around since 2009 and we have dedicated the party to a liberal democracy. My friend Paul Proteus was the founder and first party president. He now resides in eUSA. I miss his involvement.

What you may not know is that there is currently an alliance of parties. We support presidential candidates together as well as try to unify the eCountry and promote a positive direction in game and politics.

eSwitzerland is a tight community of friends and allies. We like it that way.

--- Cardinal Hohenstaufen: Iviz has represented the spirit of Unity of the Swiss community, and the country is in order and stable.

The effort to maintain and promote respect for the institutions has been formidable.
Your opinion of the government of this month…

--- Uncle Rican: lviz fer has been a close friend of mine for several centuries. He is patriotic, honorable and empathic. I support his governance wholeheartedly. He puts qualified players in his cabinet and things have gone very well. He is balancing 3 training wars and with the help of his MoD, Winston, the country is prospering.

--- Cardinal Hohenstaufen: What do you expect for the next period in terms of government?

--- Uncle Rican: The next term should be more of the same.
I'd like to see a baby boom for eSwitzerland! and I hope some new program will encourage that.
AND... I love giveaways !
I'd like to see some agenda driven contests that I would be happy to finance. New players need to be rewarded and encouraged.

--- Cardinal Hohenstaufen: Wow! It is magnificent news that inclusive plans are promoted by the Government and that they are a permanent and systematic agenda.

It is an honor to communicate this scoop. Communicating all the good in our small community is imperative and part of this liberal democracy that includes us all.

In a few days we will have presidential elections. Can you tell me who you will support?

--- Uncle Rican: Just today, I have decided to support Terry Benedictt for August President. He has been CP before and things have gone very well.

With Terry in the office I look forward to some innovative and progressive ideas and programs. Not only is Terry a good guy, he is active and responsible.

--- Cardinal Hohenstaufen Terry Benedictt has previously shown us his capacity for governance, and he has overcome obstacles with a long-term political vision. It is an option that continues the careful plan of government and unity that characterizes us as Swiss.

--- Cardinal Hohenstaufen: I thank you again for this opportunity to talk with you, and the scoop! And the drinks....., of course!

If you want to join the legendary SFP, this is the link, and you can dialogue with them with all confidence and brotherhood!

SFP erepublik.com/en/party/swiss-freedom-party-5130/1

Thanks Uncle Rican!

If you want to say any special message for the Swiss, you can do it with the topic you want….

--- Uncle Rican I'd like to send a message to your readers.

My party, the Swiss Freedom Party would like to invite players that want to participate in party and country matters.

They can contact me by PM with any questions or thought.

Also, if your readers have any friends in other eCountries, please invite them to eSwitzerland. They will be approved and accepted by the Citizenship Committee.

And.... I'd like to thank you Cardinal for the opportunity to speak with you and your readers.

Swiss here, Swiss there, Swiss everywhere...

Best regards,