Vote Reagan for President of the USA - Plus a New Episode of My Show!

Day 4,640, 12:30 Published in USA USA by Ronald Gipper Reagan

I decided to run for President this month since you all thought it was a good idea to nominate someone whose only achievement is writing lots of articles. By that standard, I should've been CP longgggg ago! Anyway, if you want to inject some life in to this "game", then VOTE for Reagan. If you like me, great! If you don't like me, show you have a sense of humor at least and press the button for me. What do you have to lose? As President, my first priority will be to create a lasting brolliance between the US and Serbia! We will finally be best friends like we should have been long ago! o7

Now on to my show....
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I don't know how often I am going to do these, but I already confirmed a significant Reagan administration official for a show in September. He's a busy guy! And I'll see if we can get some more along the way.

NEW EPISODE: Sheena Greitens is an expert on authoritarian regimes, East Asia, and American national security policy. We discuss the history of dictatorial governments, the current situation in China and North Korea, and where the US stands from a national security perspective.