[Tutorial]How to Communicate Your Agenda

Day 4,639, 09:05 Published in USA USA by Krapis

And so you've come to that magical moment where you communicate your grand vision.

By now the citizens have been talking about you in private discord channels, over Telegram chats, in Private Messages, and in forum threads. If only you could hear the gossip!

Some will be saying that you do not have, after just a few months in the game, enough experience to do an admirable job of CP. And let's face it, if you need a tutorial like this one you probably don't have very much experience.

But you don't have much time to spend defending your qualifications against such claims, and that fact alone answers them. You see, you are active, creative, open-minded, and you've surrounded yourself with the best minds in the country.

What you lack in experience is more than recuperated in your capacity to get things done. Like I said, you don't have time for all the gossip about you, you’re too busy actually getting down to business!

In fact, you have a lot to do! And that is why you need to learn how to communicate your agenda.

The first thing you must realize is that not everything you want to get accomplished is going to be equally interesting to the voters. So you need to make your list of goals, and then rank them based on their level of importance to the voters. In essence, it would be good if you have a clear idea for each department in your Cabinet. But don’t try to be superman either. If you’ve chosen your Secretaries wisely, they should have some ideas too. Remember, this isn’t about YOU, it’s about eUSA.

In my campaign, I believe that the entire populace of eUSA, as well as a large part of the global community, will want to know what my goals are in Foreign Affairs. And since I believe our current NAP provides us an opportunity to steadily develop symbiotic relationships with a wide array of countries, I would want to communicate my leanings towards renewing that agreement. It has the potential to reap unforeseen rewards for us.

If eUSA has been seen as fickle in the past, and if our current global standing is at least admirable from an economic, military, and social perspective, then I see a lot of value in staying the course, proving to the rest of the New World that eUSA is actually a stable and reliable partner.

So in my agenda announcement article I would lead with that. I would want the people to know what kind of international leadership they should expect from me, Carlos, dmj, and the rest of the team. If I wasn’t so busy writing these Tutorials, maybe I’d have time to actually publish it!

Now there is much more nuance to your Foreign Policy than what you will include in your agenda article. But get elected first, then let your MoFA and Media team do the communicating about the finer points. You need to move onto your second big agenda item.

Remember, your list will be different. Current events will dictate much in how you rank your agenda items. You may have lead with your big plans for Media because FA isn't such a hot topic during your campaign cycle. So just because I am leading with FA and following it with Immigration Reform, you still need to figure out your own order.

Speaking of Immigration Reform, I should mention that it is a risky item to include in a CP agenda. For one thing, Congress controls Immigration. For another, it can be so controversial that you may lose a few supporters. So be careful!

But since, in my case, conversation about Immigration Reform has dominated my Party's Forum Boards and has kept Congress chattering for months. So I cannot help but attempt to use the platform I seek to spark some positive momentum.

And so I will be outlining a proposal to Congress which includes a bonus reward system to any Party whose congress members complete their term without IES violations. I will also be proposing a method for overseeing the IES Director who needs to operate in an “above reproach” manner. Again, the details are not important in this article, just the broad strokes.

Regardless of how important you think it is, you need to let the people know that they will hear from you and their government in the Media on a regular basis. That is why, in my case, I have tapped Lord Beerus to run the Government Media. Not only is he new to National Government (and therefore unplagued with burnout), but he has a wicked sense of humor and promises to make August a unique month of WHPR’s.

I do plan to set him loose, so MORTALS BEWARE!

You wouldn’t be running for Country President if you didn’t have a few ideas up your sleeve about Interior programs. And I’m not talking about the ones that are already operating smoothly which you plan to continue. I’m talking about the kind of stuff that the Bubblar Administration plotted out with Pinkeye, and even more. Oh yes, you have big ideas for Interior. But sometimes you want to hold a few cards close to your vest… tease a topic or two rather than go into detail. Make people desire to see you elected just so they can find out what they would have missed had you lost! It’s such a sneaky strategy, it just might work. I recommend it.

My last piece of advice in communicating your Agenda is to keep it short. Don’t go on and on for pages and pages. Doing so puts you at risk of sounding pedantic and boring. You are anything but that!

But before you close your article, you probably want to summarize your agenda in an abbreviated way. You want to close your article by communicating your message memorably. So, for instance, the basic theme behind all of my governance strategy is to:

“Increase the need for eRepublik Citizens to interact socially and rely on one another for ingame advantages.”

Or to put it even more briefly, I’d say that:

social engagement is the most valuable capital in this game.

I look forward to publishing my final pre-election Tutorial entitled, “Thanking Your Supporters”. Don’t miss it!