Hibernia II

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Me again, lets stick w/ the last ones format.

Patrick Kavanagh was born on the 21st of October 1904 (so he'd be 'round about sweet 16 when the Rising happened, also a Libra), in the village of Inniskeen, Co. Monaghan, Ireland. His father was a shoemaker and had a small farm of land. At the age of thirteen Kavanagh became an apprentice shoemaker. He gave it up 15 months later, admitting that he didn't make one wearable pair of boots. For the next 20 years, Kavanagh would work on the family farm before moving to Dublin in 1939.


I have lived in important places, times
When great events were decided, who owned
That half a rood of rock, a no-man's land
Surrounded by our pitchfork-armed claims.
I heard the Duffys shouting "Damn your soul!"
And old McCabe stripped to the waist, seen
Step the plot defying blue cast-steel -
"Here is the march along these iron stones."
That was the year of the Munich bother. Which
Was more important? I inclined
To lose my faith in Ballyrush and Gortin
Till Homer's ghost came whispering to my mind.
He said; I made the Iliad from such
A local row. Gods make their own importance.

Kavanagh's writing resulted in the publication of some poems in a local newspaper in the early 1930's. In 1939, his brother Peter, who was a Dublin based teacher, urged him to move to the city to establish himself as a writer.

eIreland is still way way behind but at least it's not like we're dishonourable... ya know, in general.. We've been wiped by all the big chungas out there in Eurasia or Eastasia. America breaking ties with their diplomatic portal into Europe. Strange days.

I used to try really hard to engage w/ the community by doing interviews, posting eFiction and the like but now.. Sure who cares really?

I carry on regardless for some stupid reason. I'd like to be apart of improving this browser game that hoovers as a button link near your e-mail or whe'er it may be.. Lets have eIreland stand shoulder to shoulder with similar eNations. The eSwitzerland-folk, the eNetherlanders, the eIsraelites and of course, the crème de la crème, the land of steamed hams and inside Aurora Borealis the eNorwayish. All the small but fairly slick n' vibe eCommunities out there in eRep. Just firing from the hip here, there's plenty of chill af eNations. Except the Aussies. Born criminals. Again this is an old game, yada yada, don't blow a gasket if your eNation wasn't mentioned, queue yawn track. Here's the fancy history, a fancy aul family history spanning long long ago into the muddy past.. Since 2013 I've probably gave this game €30.00 rl dollarydoos. With the recent changes the Admins made I got Gold for simply showing up. A sum of gold I would have only dreamed about before. Now Gold = Motivation. A ridiculous paradigm.

Gimme nukes anyday. I wanna fight for my wealth alongside my fellow eIrish. I'd rather just take than snake. G*d's honest truth.
I cannae tell lies.


That's it really..

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P.S Ya know I reckon we Potato bois are way too honest and trusting as an eNation? Diplomacy can only be used on a captive audience, never a loose guest.

P.P.S I am not a crackpot.

ya boi

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