[eIre CP] CP Update: Indo friend to foe

Day 4,637, 03:16 Published in Ireland Ireland by Aras an Uachtarain

Greetings eIreland,

I was going to write a brief article, but eRep being eRep it has decided to throw a spanner in the works, so now I will focus on that. That spanner is Indonesia, a friend who I have spoken highly of in the past (just look at previous articles), who has decided to become a foe in the most ungentlemanly way....


As we all know, a long time ago, Indonesia was invited into our Cores for a training war. This training war was successful and help both nations enjoy the added TP cash and BH/SH that go with it. Unfortunately due to Indonesian internal politics and Romania attacking Dublin, the TW came to a close earlier then planned.

Once Ireland regained Dublin and Louth, we approached their CP, but he never responded to any messages. We heard this was because he was AWOL, however it could of been due to the language barrier. Ireland being the up front and honest county it was, left Indo in Wexford in the hope that comm's could begin the near future and either they departed on good terms or some other arrangement was found.

While Ireland was enjoying a new training war with Australia, I noticed a unexplained donation in our treasury. Soon afterwards I received this message from one of their MU leaders:

This message made me worry that our country was being used to wash money, after all, why would you deposit CC into a foreign countries accounts?? why would you state that it had nothing to do with the taxes back?? Why would you openly say 'It is clean money' unless there was a question mark associated with it??

Well this made me ponder the issue Ireland had. After discussing it with my inner circle, it was deemed best to cut ties with Indonesia and it's use of Wexford. After all, the dodgy money transaction and the fact we had no TW with them, Wexford should by rights, be returned to Ireland.

Shortly after this message was sent, I saw a notification on Telegram about the Declaration of War from Indonesia to Australia. As you could imagine this came as a bit of weird surprise, since Indo and Australia share a border in Ireland....

After speaking to my MoD Nerusia, he decided to reach out to Maxdi to find out what was going... plus Maxdi had decided to buy him a token pack out of the blue (bribe?)....

The reply he got was that Indonesia was going to attack Australia to conquer Dublin (and end our TW with Australia) then to give Wexford back. Basically turning from a guest in our region to an occupier.

As you could understand, this is a low act. A nation that was invited into regions, deciding that they can do as they please in our regions. Deciding that they can end our TW with our partner just because a MU leader can bribe/force/convince the Indo CP this is the right way.

Yes Ireland is not as strong as the Number #1 country in eRep, but while we might not be strong, we are committed and we will stand by our word and honour among men. So as far as Ireland is concerned, Indonesia has moved from close friend to a Occupying Foe. And as such will be treated this way from now on. It is a shame, since we have always had a soft spot for Indonesia and it's leadership has always been upfront and decent to Ireland.

Well other then that, our TW with the UK is still on going, bar any 3rd party intervention. When the time comes for Indonesia to hit Australia in Dublin, I will ask for our fighters to support Australia. And we will try to RW Wexford again in the near future. Granted we are out gunned, but as other nations have seen, Ireland doesn't bend over, instead we stand for what is right and we stand by our word.

Your humble servant,
Rusty D