A Worthy Cause 2.0

Day 4,637, 01:41 Published in Israel Israel by Agapeo Ben Josiah

I am here in the new world reporting on the war effort with a group of hot-air balloons, which are launching a late-renaissance style invasion of what looks like an undead acropolis in the land of Burma.
It is, in fact, a xenomorph production facility.
you heard me right, an unknown agent is currently in the no-mans-land of Burma building up a force of unearthly critters.
this brave group of alliance leaders has been fighting a ground war against xenomorphic predatory creatures and now are taking to the air to stem the production of new beasties.
This is all I have to report, so for now, take a look at some of these monstrosities.

these only come out at night... hard to see...