Economical Situation of US in eWorld

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Here in this article i will write about some elements of Economical aspects of elife and how eUsa is doing among all the nations

Work Tax

Work tax is one of the most important aspects of the Economical Module of the game , based on this tax (+ average salary ) each person no matter employee or employer will have to pay some money to treasury .the way it is calculated is based on the Percentage of Average salary of each country for example Us has 1 % work tax which means 1 % of average salary that is 1714.25 so anyone who works in factory or for someone else will have to pay 17.14 cc for each work to the treasury.
following countries that are considered as the Economical powerhouses have these Average salaries and their Respective Taxes .

Iran : 15.84 cc

USA :17.18

Spain : 18.36

Russia : 18.47

Poland : 18.78

In This Aspect USA hast the Second lowest tax among the countries with same economical power .

Countries based on the estimated number of factories in their regions

This one Is just an estimation based on some calculations i have done in past few years but for now each of the following countries have the following estimated number of factories active in their regions

Iran : 19627

USA : 21037

Spain : 13525

Russia : 56420

Poland : 32656

so US has currently third most factories among its regions after Russia and poland

and for last here is a picture of the countries with highest GDP in eWorld

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