The trick to complete Daily Order with 1 kill

Day 4,627, 02:48 Published in India India by wittyprakash

I learnt this trick few days back. And when I talked about this in discord many people seemed to be not aware of this trick. But they were all interested to learn the trick.

This trick could earn us a free energy bar every day. So I'll share what you have to do.

There are many times when our MU commander or regiment captain has set a Daily Order in a different battle.

Cases include:

Battle has ended

Battle is already lost.
You decided to hit on a different battle for medals.
MU commander/Regiment captain has slept.
You don't have time to ask your commander/regiment captain to change DO.

In any of these case you would have made 25+ kills in some other battle. But at this time you will not have energy to do the Daily Order. Apparently many of these times MU commander/Regiment captain comes back online and then you would be worrying why he wasn't online when you have spent all the energy. This can be solved very easily.

Just follow these steps:

Ask the MU commander/regiment captain to change DO in the battle you have already made 25+ kills.
Once they change then go back to the same battle and hit 1 more kill.
Now click home button it should show 1/25.

Now what you have to do is just go to the same battle again and then click the home button again.


Hope this trick has helped you. Subscribe to my article for more such tricks. Check out my old articles there are plenty of resources out there. I want my newspaper to be very helpful when people look back at the history.

Update: instead of the extra kill, now u can do "Switch to deployment mode from fight mode". This helps saving the extra kill required.

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