[eIre CP] CP Brief Update: Training Wars

Day 4,626, 02:06 Published in Ireland Ireland by Aras an Uachtarain

Greetings eIreland,

Sorry for swamping your media with articles... but when it rain's it pours. I will endevour to keep this one short and sweet.

Training Wars

As you all should have noticed we have gotten back to our normal self's and re-started our training war's. We currently have one active one and will soon have a second one.

United Kingdom and Ireland

This is pretty much the same as we had before everything went tits up. UK and Ireland will ping pong between Louth and Northern Ireland. Same as before, attacker Loses. However as per normal, keep an eye on the shout feed incase something takes a quick left turn. And remember don't snipe medal's from your fellow countrymen, there will be plenty to go around.

UK should have enough firepower on their side to win when they need too, but incase they are busy in one of their other TW's, do feel free to push the wall (but try and not to accidentally take a UK medal... on there side).

Australia and Ireland

Australia will soon be landing in Dublin, this is where they will base themselves for our second ping pong training war. This will be just like the UK one, with our nations going between Dublin and Louth. Same as before, attacker Loses. We will try to time battles with the UK one, so it all runs smoothly.

Australia is a small community country, so they might need a hand to push their walls. Whilst you will not get TP cash for fighting on their side, there should be plenty of medal chances. But like the UK one, if an Aussie is going for the medal, try and avoid accidentally sniping it.

US Embargo on Ireland

Well it got voted through and well a lot of the past day or two's media covered it. But like I predicted, Ireland's producer's reaction has been....

And that pretty much sums up that.

Well that is that for another quick update. As per normal, if anything suddenly changes, we will announce it in the Congress thread and in the shout box. So enjoy.

Your humble servant,
Rusty D