[eIre CP] CP Brief Update: Our flag is flying again

Day 4,624, 07:44 Published in Ireland Ireland by Aras an Uachtarain

Greetings eIreland,

Go days with out an article and now 2 in 2 days.... what is going on? But on a serious note, this will be brief and a quicky just to let you all know a few things.

Link here incase the video doesnt play

Irish Flag flying over Dublin

This morning (my time) Ireland regain control of Dublin. This RW saw Romania leave our shores (unsure for how long, but hopefully for quite a while). While it was a victory on paper, in reality it was not. Romania appeared to give back the region, since they didn't bother fighting hard. Rather then celebrate an un-earned win, I do still want to say a couple of things however, some might annoy some Irish and others may not.

- Romania, firstly thank you for letting us take the region back. I don't know why and TBH I am afraid I will log in one day to see a dreaded notification, but "Thank you". I would also like to say "Thank You" for the battles we have had. Granted we lost the majority of them, but it was good to have a reason to fight and a goal to strive toward.

- Friends and Allies, whilst this RW wasn't contested, you all gave damage in the previous ones. Our allies and friends were there for eIreland when we asked for help. I do want to pay time to thank you all for those battles. Even the ones that we lost, see you fight with us and for us, means a lot in every Irish players heart.

USA and Ireland

Our MoD Nerusia has been in talks with the USA in regards to this issue that has presented it's self to us. While discussions are still on going, Nerusia has released this article in the US media. Please take a read and give it a vote.

If anything changes in the coming days, your government will inform you all.

UK / Ireland TW

As you all might of noticed, both the UK and Ireland have proposed laws bringing about war between our nation. This is just a re-commencement of our previous TW. Hopefully this will enable both Irish and UK citizens a chance to get some more gold from BH/SH medals, as well as some TP cash.

More details about the course of the battle will follow.

Like I said, it is a short and sweet update today. So have a quick read, do your clicking and get out and enjoy the weekend.

Your humble servant,
Rusty D