[eIre CP] CP Update: USA thinks we control Asteria...

Day 4,623, 00:52 Published in Ireland Ireland by Aras an Uachtarain

Greetings eIreland,

Sorry about the delay in writing an article, this is not due me being lazy but due to unfolding events. As you might of noticed, I have kept the shout box informed of some happenings, as well as informing congress. So lets get down to it all, eh?


As alluded to above, whilst I have not been writing articles to discuss the current events, I have been keeping congress informed, as well as the Irish public via our national shout box. I ask you, the citizens of eIreland to understand that some information or information that comes across my CP desk from sources, needs to remain under wraps until such a time, I can present it. I apologise if this has caused any inconveniences to you, the citizens of our fine e-country. But now, I can give you all an update.... just have to choose my words carefully so I don't get another FP... not that, that actually bothers me.

State of Affairs in our Regions

While I will not go into too much detail about the last RW we had, after all Nerusia managed to cover it in great detail here and it has been covered elsewhere, the fact of the matter Admin's Romania remained in control of Dublin. This to be honest is not a big loss for us or even much of a bother for us. It is actually quite funny, since Romania have lost regions all over and even including the Deer resource they wanted to force us to give them.

Apparently since eIreland scare's them so much (even when they have the help of Admin's) they handed over control of Shannon to their BFF's Serbia. We have also been informed, that Romania has taken a particular liking to Ireland and when we choose to liberate one of our regions, which is being held by a friend. they will try and take it. So for now, I have requested that congress allows the status quo of our regions to remain the same. We have also been informed of another country wanting to romance us... but more about that below.

So currently, the state of affairs of our Regions will remain the same. If you see a RW taking hold, unless otherwise told, fight for the opposing side to ensure it remains out of our control.

Link if video does not play: Here


eIreland still has not heard anything from Admin's Romania in regards to our regions and the current situation. So things will still progress as they are. I will privately fund RW's when they come up, as well as encourage our fighters to look for battles against Romania in other occupied regions (the ones they have left). Because as a nation, it is better to be the annoying fly bothering them, rather then be turned into one of their colonies doing what they request.....


It was brought to my attention, that the good old mighty US of A was looking at putting an embargo on us, eIreland.....

Well, as you could imagine, consider as the CP and well Ireland not being friendly with Asteria (unlike another country which was bent of the barrel by Asteria), I thought I would find out more about this little event. Many birdies have told me, no evidence was provided to their congress to back this claim that we could of convinced Asteria to invade the USA (I mean Ireland managing to convince Asteria to do something lol...). So like a good CP, I thought I would like to get to the bottom of this...

Some people have told me I am very direct

Soon we were informed of the USA CP's reasons for trying to embargo us...

So with that very un-explaining reply, one can only assume the real reason's for the need to embargo eIreland. It can't be reason #1 as Ireland has not done anything to the USA or even have the power to get Asteria to attack USA, so that leaves reasons 2 and 3. I could understand reason 2, a small morale victory to try and win local support (a bit like Romania losing everywhere, so they need to try and keep Ireland down) or maybe reason 3.... So USA have you finally sold your soul to Asteria and became one of their colonies?

Moving Forward

So moving forward eIreland, what can I say... just keep doing what your doing. In congress I spoke about the options we have available to us, and the majority are quite happy with the way things are going. Our fighters, while lacking TP cash, are still getting plenty of gold from the many easy BH/SH medals on offer.

And our producers are still enjoying producing in their holding companies (funny fact: Mayo/Cork has these bonuses Food 80%, Weapons 95% and Romania has Food 57%, Weapons 100% and considering this latest event, you need food more then a Q7 tank.... winning).

The only downside is the fact that no one can sell on an Irish market. While most of our top producers already have licences to sell their products else where, I know some of our smaller producers dont. So with this in mind, the eIrish government would like to give 20 gold to any Irish who wants to buy a market licence. Conditions apply, so please send me a PM and we can arrange your market licence.

Well, that is pretty much a quick wrap up of what is going on. TL : DR...

- RW in Dublin won by Admin's Romania.

- Romania annoyed at losing their regions everywhere, want to keep Ireland down.

- USA apparently thinks we control Asteria, so rather then fight Asteria, they want to embargo us (like last time when they made "that" spelling mistake).

- Ireland is laughing at the attention since life goes on (and maybe I have had a few to drink).

- Script users are being banned, but apparently a "user buys" script made by a certain player (who I wont name, but shares the same nationality as Admins) is still around.

Anyway, time for me to leave you all to enjoy the game... hahaha yeah, sorry for that joke, and sorry for the Winston Churchill video/quote since this is an Irish paper. But enjoy and as always, if you have any questions please feel free to PM me.

Your humble servant,
Rusty D