Should eUSA Sign MPP's?

Day 4,619, 14:32 Published in USA USA by Krapis

One of the benefits of being in the United States Workers Party is the quality discussions that take place between our active membership.


One such recent conversation took place concerning the question of Mutual Protection Pacts.

Here’s the question that is on the minds of many in eUSA right now:

Given the increase in the price of travel, why don’t we sign more MPP’s?

The logic behind the question is good. Let’s examine that first.

A Mutual Protection Pact is a month-long agreement between two nations which costs each nation 10,000 cc. Congress members in both nations must vote to accept the law once proposed. This is why, when the question came up in internal USWP member discussions, it was our Congress members who were able to chime in. I’ll get to their answers after I finish explaining why MPP’s are beneficial.

Once two nations have approved an MPP, their citizens will not have to travel to fight in one another’s battles. Thus, if eUSA and eBrazil, for instance, approved an MPP, citizens of eBrazil would be able to participate in eUSA’s battles without having to leave their residences.

There are some nuances to the above simplified explanation, but it is precisely the fact that travel expenses are diminished by MPP’s that make them desirable.

Add to that fact the proliferation of available Gold Medals during the Hot Summer event. This is a two-month season of Gold harvesting for any and all active players in eRepublik. If you aren’t farming Gold right now, you’re doing it wrong!

There is one final factor that brings the question of MPP’s to a head. eRepublik admin just made it far more expensive to get around the globe. I’ve seen several estimates as to just how much more expensive it is, and it is hard to make a precise analysis due to many vagaries. But everyone agrees; it is far more expensive to travel now.

Returning to our original question: Given the increase in the price of travel, why don’t we sign more MPP’s?

It is the opinion of the USWP Caucus that signing MPP’s right now, in general, would be unwise and bad for the citizens of eUSA.

Let’s discuss the two big reasons why this is the case.

First of all, citizens of eUSA are in the catbird’s seat right now for battle opportunities and Gold medal availability. I’ve been spoiled by all the available battles by the fact that our current Training Wars. Since the moment of my eBirth, there has always been a direct war available. We currently have 16 open war fronts.

Now to be fair, eSerbia has 19 open fronts. Romania and Bulgaria each have 21. Poland has 17. Portugal has 18.

Let’s look at a few of the other top-ranked nations:

Brazil, 2
Russia, 11
Hungary, 5
Colombia, 5
Iran, 21
And so on.

In other words, compared to other top eRep nations, eUSA has top-tier available medals. We don’t need MPP’s for our own sake.

President Bubblar and his Foreign Advisors have placed us into an excellent situation during the Hot Summer Event to farm for Gold without having to spend a lot in travel costs.

A second reason why we do not want to sign any MPP’s right now has to do with the importance of maintaining the proper balance in our Training Wars. When one of our battles goes the wrong way, it can potentially cost some of our citizens productivity bonuses. They may even lose the ability to WAM for a short while.

What does this have to do with an MPP? For those who have been paying attention, you see how difficult it can be just to get our own citizens fighting on the proper sides of the walls. As a member of Easy Company, I daily witness our MU leaders calling for our top soldiers to have to hit on the non-eUSA side of a battle to keep our walls secure. This is often a big sacrifice, as it means lost TP damage for our tanks.

I’m proud of my Military Unit (CURRAHEE!!!) and our top tanks for their dedication to eUSA. I’m also well aware that if we were to invite more foreign fighters into our battles, it would become that much more difficult to maintain our walls properly.

In other words, more foreign fighters in our Training Wars opens us up to expensive and annoying messes that we are then left to clean up.

For these two reasons, the USWP Caucus recommends [AGAINST] eUSA signing MPP’s with foreign nations at the current time.

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