Cheating or Plato Programming?

Day 4,617, 18:28 Published in Ireland Ireland by Releasethe Krakken

I know there is a lot of protest and unhappiness about some battle we anyway would have lost.

But why does everyone assume Plato's code is correct, to begin with.

i dont really want to say anything :cough cough: but we are still waiting for a long list of updates.

There is still a lot of stuff on here that has been discontinued for probably a decade or so.

and tbh this whole event sounds like extremely clumsy code to me. whenever i feel that my own code is over complicated i just scrap everything and restart.

lets see

1. you get a most contested battle
2. but you need to win another battle
3. you need to finish the battle as most contested.
4. other battles might become most contested
5. including air and ground battles.
6. as always there are some weird calcs used to determine most contested.
7.there is often 2 most contested battles now that i think about it.
8. battles can swap in and out of most contested and the program must keep up with this.

apply kiss* plato in short if battle is most contested for a certain number of points award the double points. to make it even simpler announce the number of points and keep counter in red visible and change it to green when target has been reached(color visualization)

* kiss as in keep it simple stupid.(not a joke)